The project Marea by Judith Rozas Cabanas is the winner of the 1stARTURO ALVAREZ YOUNG TALENT AWARD, the prize established by the Spanish lighting design and manufacturing company.

The emotional character, along with the possibility to regulate the level of light, led the jury to opt for Marea among the other candidates announced this past 17 AprilKA_LA, Ovolana, Squama and First Light.

Lastly, Marea’s critique regarding the state of the oceans and the re-utilisation of materials ultimately made it the winner on 24 April. The inspiration behind Marea, according to its creator Judith Rozas Cabanas, arose from the need to contribute towards the reduction of ocean contamination. The creative process revolves around the idea of providing a new means of utility to materials considered waste. Nets, such as the main material of this design, allow for a new organic shape to come to life and embrace the light.

In November 2017, following 20 years of designing and creating lights, Arturo Alvarez took the opportunity to award emerging young creators. Candidates from around the world entered the competition, all following the same philosophy: designs of an interior lamp made by hand, with attention given to details and developed using sustainable materials.

After nearly twenty-five years in the business, the aim is to highlight the commitment of the company to supporting the new generation of designers throughout the world in line with brand’s values and philosophy.

With this result, Arturo Alvarez concludes its first edition of the awards and puts forth the following notice for what will be celebrated in the year 2020.