Leaos is a company based in Alto Adige that has made of electric bicycleits business. It is a bike that promptly responds to expectations dictated byits technology, by matching them to a clean and lightweight design, unusual forthe industry’s products. The Leaos is the first e-bike that uses carbon for thebody in a single fluid line that also includes fork and handlebar, which fullyintegrates the display and the light system. The bike, absolutely unisex causesaddle and handlebar are both easily adjustable, comes with a batterymanufactured by BMZ requiring very low maintenance. Also in the last model,Leaos Solar, were integrated solar panels, in the form of a high-tech film,thus becoming attractive design element. Solar energy adsorbed by the film makesthe bike independent from traditional energy sources for amedium use of even 30km per day, and the process is absolutely standalone, does not require anyuser’s activity. The display will inform you about the amount of energygenerated and battery status (which in case of need can be still recharged froman electric source). A “hidden” technology into an object that notonly provides quality comfort, thanks to a comfy seat position and a particularconstruction geometry, but also the safety of first quality components and anengine that ensures a smooth and fluid ride; plus, for the rider’s enthusiasm,there’s also the possibility to customize the bike with different colors andfinishes.