In a perfect combination of design and smart technology, Habitat and Elipson have joined forces to create Lenny: a wireless speaker that has already become a must-have for those who love to listen to music in freedom and refined design. Lenny works with a lithium battery and connects to any Bluetooth connected device, so to any smartphone, computer or tablet that works with both Android or Ios. You can easily carry it everywhere, being equipped with an elegant leather handle, and battery capacity allows you to listen to music up to 8 consecutive hours. Lenny is also weatherproof, so it can be very well used also outdoors as on terraces, gardens, swimming pools and whatnot. The two active loudspeakers and the four passive ones, allow Lenny to emit a powerful sound, unexpected from a format this compact, for an excellent sound quality. The design, by Pierre Favresse for Habitat and Jean-Yves Le Porcher to Elipson, is the perfect example of consumer products that combine qualitative excellence with particular attention to lifestyle, which the French are famous for.