From the instant of the Big Bang, the origin of the universe, darkness became light, and when humanity had a perception of that, unwittingly created the notion of time. This is the inspiration behind Light is Time, an art installation of Citizen within the Triennale in Milan which will take place during the days of Design Week 2014. The work is composed of 80,000 metal discs that float suspended in the void, oscillating masses that constitute the structural elements that move the automatic mechanism inside the watch. A magical place, theatrical, where the light is orchestrated with the sound of metal discs, beaming a whole new perception. A true immersion, for the visitor, in the Citizen world, conceived and designed by Tsuyoshi Tane, renowned architect based in Paris, in collaboration with the Citizen inner Design Team. The installation will be accompanied by many new features of the Japanese brand and, in addiction to the last born of the company, will be exhibited exclusively a rare pocket watch from 1920. Two concepts, those of light and time, put by in comparison ​​this installation, where one lives in relation to the other, the expression of a brand identity in the name of future technology in close contact with a human and earthly dimension.