Designed for those who don’t want to give luxury up, but still sensitive to issues of mobility with low environmental impact, the electric bike Cykno combines a green soul to a vintage lines design, precious materials, sophisticated technology and of course Made in Italy production, for a unique and customizable product. The bicycle is the brainchild of Bruno Greppi, motorcycle designer, and Luca Scopel, designer of luxury goods, who thought a vigorous structure in which each element has been designed and manufactured on specific project. The frame is made of carbon, while fork, radial tires and tubes are made of stainless steel; the saddle is a particular element, suspended on a steel sheet coated with selected leathers, as well as the handlebars and other parts of the frame. Technological jewel is the central engine, lithium polymer battery with high energy density, which allows a range of 60 Km. A product for real connoisseurs and lovers of most innovative luxury, thanks to the ability to customize every vehicle in the lining: the choice is huge, ranging from silk velvet to precious leathers such as iguanas, ostrich, crocodile, eel, or even pony, short-haired fur and cashmere, to finish no less with Hermes fabrics. A real work of design in motion.