Fashionalways chooses different channels to communicate itself. The simultaneityinherent in its concept sometimes makes a lookbook just insufficient. TomasoAnfossi and Francesco Ferrari, young creatives founders of CO | TE have chosento show the autumn/winter collection 2015-16 through Madly Beautiful, avideo by video maker Senio Zapruder. Alienating atmosphere, almost surreal anddreamlike is the context rich of contrasts in which CO | TE unravel its twosouls: one deep, introspective enough to verge on insanity, and its opposite,bright, extrovert and carefree. Two worlds in apparent contrast but which, inhindsight, come together like the two sides of the same coin. The woman who CO| TE imagine indeed does not belong neither to the one nor to the other, orrather, belongs to both, moving between the two sides of creativity, finding ineach one new expressive languages. The soundtrack, combined with images, tellsabout this identity search that finds expression in living contemporaneity justa step forward, with the assets and the liabilities that this ensues. Duplicitythat repeats itself, as in the core of the brand that made even its logo as atwo-sided mirror: the neon line that appears in some scenes is the oneseparating the two creative worlds and at the same time uniting them under asingle vision of style. Video by Sanio Zapruder. Enrico Longo speaking   31 Mar 2015   /   © All rights reserved