From Singapore a new androgynous, geometric and minimalist, which is expressed in sartorial cuts exploring the avant-garde of shapes and a new way to push them up against the human body. Is Max Tan’ aesthetics, Asian emerging brand that in a short amount of time stated a distinct and clear vision with the ability to think about the little things and create a minimal but never granted look. The study and commitment to experimentation lies not only in shaped forms, playing with volume and a cross-over between masculine and feminine, but also in the details, often intentionally disproportionate to make macroscopic what you should barely notice. The 2015 spring summer collection, Infinity, reflects just about these contradictions, introducing the abstract concept of possible and impossible (infinity in fact). In clothes it translates as garments with no hem, that in the end turn into another piece of clothing, combining two ideas into one, melting materials in fluid movements, expressed with curved lines, the same of the symbol of infinity.