Inspired by the animal that it’s an Iberian symbol, Touro (Bull) is an armchair, with a strong silhouette that plays with parts and pieces in a single object. Comfort and attitude combine in the armchair designed by André Teoman with solid oak legs, brass “eyes” and it’s available in several textile options.

Followed by the invitation of IDF – Interdecoração to present his work at the Makers space Portuguese designer developed the HOUSE OF FUN concept to present in his first national commercial show presentation. The idea behind the HOUSE OF FUN ways to combine the work done with brands and his personal collection to show how can work together as well as a single piece. From contemporary pieces designed for OIA and Neo Renaissance for Manta combined with two novelties from his fun collection all of them came together without overlapping each other. It this space surrounded by stripes of the same recycled material used in the Teta Rug, you could find the studio’s most recent works in the tones of pastel pinks that would take you a fun and playful universe.In the video, HOUSE OF FUN at IDF, with Touro the bookend and the phone stand in marble of Zè Collection designed for the Portuguese company Manta, pieces that are an expression of creative freedom achieved with the intersection between dreams and the mastery of stone carving. The sculptural pieces are artistically designed to evoke memories that transform your home into a unique and exclusive experience.

“The studio intends to be more creative and emotional than innovative and technological. Using the intersection between art and design as a place for experimentation, I produce objects, concepts and experiences with my own personal twist.” stated André Teoman.