The face of the ancient Roman god Janus, the symbol of the Spanish brand OCTAEVO, for the first time, adorned a mainsail and not only vases, cushions, notebooks and more. He will watch over NARINAN’s course as she moves from port to port, pushed forward by a gentle breeze and guided by the stars.

This summer OCTAEVO board the NARINAN sailboat and is off on an extraordinary adventure around the Mediterranean.An exciting project started with the meeting of two friends and their love for the Mediterranean. Kenneth Perdigon, the captain of the sailboat NARINAN and Marcel Baer, the creator of Mediterranean-infused design company OCTAEVO.

Before offering bespoke voyages on board the NARINAN, Kenneth sailed the Mediterranean and lived in the Balearic Islands for 10 years. A professional sailor and nature lover, he also worked for two years as the captain of a Greenpeace boat.

With NARINAN he offers his guests since 2015 an exceptional opportunity to disconnect from everyday life, discover untouched islands, learn about the Mediterranean fauna and flora and much more.


Photos credits sailboat: Coke Bartrina
Photos credits products: Octaevo