Natural and edible, the “water you can eat” disruptsthe hydration-on-the-go market in order to reduce the impact of the packagingindustry on resources, pollution and the environment. Ooho is disrupting thehydration-on-the-go market. It is the first product designed by Skipping Rocks Lab, an innovative sustainable packaging start-up based in London. SkippingRocks Lab is pioneering the use of natural products extracted from seaweed, tocreate materials with low environmental impact. Its mission is to providesustainable packaging technologies to companies as an alternative to plasticpackaging.

36bn plastic bottles are consumed each year and that number is growingat 4% per annum. Producing a 1L PET bottle consumes up to 7L of water, 200g ofcrude oil, and will generate 30g of waste that will take 700 years to decompose.This waste often ends up in the marine environment and even enters our food chainthrough consumption by fish. More than 30% of these bottles are 500mL or less,representing a considerable amount of waste for drinking on the go (5 min useon average).

Skipping Rocks Lab intends to become the “Tetrapak” of sustainable packagingselling the materials, the machinery and the branded products that put seaweedat the forefront of all packaging. An organic membrane packaging for liquids createdby Rodrigo García González, a Spanish inventor, designer, architect and engineer,and Pierre-Yves Paslier, a French Innovation DesignEngineer, that won on 2014 the second Lexus Design Award – the theme was‘Curiosity’.

Ooho is their unique packaging material, that allows them to encapsulatewater and juices in flexible, fully biodegradable bite-sized packets. It is themost sustainable disposable alternative to plastic bottled water on the market.A packaging with a shelf-life that better matches our use-and-dispose consumerhabits.

Oohos are 100% made of seaweed and plants so they biodegrade in just 4-6weeks, and the material is so natural that it is actually edible. It also requiressignificantly less CO2 and energy to produce an Ooho than anequivalent PET plastic bottle or cup, making Ooho the most environmentallyfriendly disposable solution to drink on the go.

The water“sachets” come in three sizes, 20ml, 55ml and 150mls, but they can be alsobigger and of different shapes.

Oohos will replace water and drinks bottles forhydration-on-the-go!

A collection of ‘Ooho’ plastic-less water containers are seen in London, Britain, April 12, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah McKay – RTX357TO

A man holds an ‘Ooho’ plastic-less water container in London, Britain, April 12, 2017. REUTERS/Hannah McKay – RTX357TF