To be discovered under the Christmas tree to wear it during the holidays as at any time of the year Fassamano embodies beauty and usefulness. Winner of the Golden ‘A Design Award and Competition 2019 in the Jewellery, Eyewear and Watch Design category, it is an accessory of fashion with the quality of made in Italy design.

Designed for those who don’t see well up close, Fassamano is perfect for him or her, it is a discreet and inseparable travel companion to answer messages, consult the travel guide and choose from the restaurant menu without giving up a unique and unmistakable style.

Quality, innovation, sustainability in instant reading glasses… Fassamano is worn around the neck like a jewel or a broche on the jacket. In addition to branded chains, the range includes the author’s accessories designed in collaboration with the jewellery designer Laura B and Sharra Pagano.

Fassamano is a design object, enhanced by a refined and sophisticated gesture. You wear it elegantly, you raise it to your face creating a microarchitecture effect for the face. A useful and fancy accessory for a dandy or radical chic look. Fassamano draws from the craftsmanship of the past to create a contemporary unisex model, handcrafted in Italy, in the Venetian eyewear district.Fassamano is designed by Cristiana Vannini, designer and art director of Fassamaneria srl, which owns the brand. The idea was born at a dinner party with friends when nobody could read the wine label written in too small print. Intuition becomes an entrepreneurial reality when one realizes that the market does not answer comprehensively all vision problems.

Our everyday life is prompted by hundreds of flash information that illuminates small screens, whilst from around 45 years old, our eye lens loses its elasticity creating a slight difficulty in focusing closely, a physiological condition called presbyopia.

There are over 2 billion people in the world who need reading glasses. In addition to the version with ophthalmic correction, the problem is often managed with “occasional” eyeglasses, you look for in your pocket or your bag many times during the day; a complicated and, most certainly, not very youthful or elegant gesture. The Fassamano is smart eyewear, to be worn in a different way, completely dedicated to “instant readings”: an “analogical object in a digital world” explains Andrea Camerana, co-founder of Fassamaneria.

The frames are in Mazzucchelli 1849 acetate, Computer Numerical Control and hand polished; the metal part is in laser-cut german silver with galvanic treatments and protective paint. All for a weight of 20 grams, 9 color variants and textures and a correction of presbyopia from +1 to +3.5 diopters.

Besides its own e-commerce, Fassamaneria has a selected physical and online distribution in Italy and foreign countries.