Alessandro Turci, teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, at IED Milan and Turin, at the Bicocca University in Milan, sent us a reflection on last-minute regrets in the fashion sector, without a real and authentic awareness of the problem.


“… Strength is closely related to sensation: it is sufficient for a force to exert itself on a body, that is, on a specific point of the wave, for there to be sensation” stated Gilles Deleuze.

Light years away from perceiving the slightest form of sensitivity, we are content with last-minute regrets instead of real awareness. There is no strong point. And not even the pressure that should show us the direction.

Convenience remains, a prelude to a new form of capitalism more subtle than the previous one, more hidden, invisible.

The focus of the problem is always the same, matching ethics and aesthetics, balance and sentiment, meaning and economic reason. “We don’t find the meaning of life, we build it” (Anselm Kiefer).

We are architects of our destiny, caught between multiple forces, naked in the face of decisions made by “others”.

A sense of shame pervades us, not for the crimes committed for which there is always a reason, but for the absence of a virtual revolt that operates on the level of the spirit causing necessary and total upheavals. This naivety of the primitive who leaves the imprint of his passage still moves us. But the tension eases in favour of a reassuring complacency.

Adam and Eve photo © Kaitlyn Hayes

Shame is the feeling of the original fall, not of the fact that we made this or that mistake, but simply of the fact that I “fell” into the world, in the midst of things, and that I need the mediation of others to be what I am. (…) This is why the biblical symbol of the fall, after original sin, is the fact that Adam and Eve “understand that they are naked” stated Jean Paul Sartre.

Alessandro Turci speaking



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Studies in Law at the University of Turin and interests between Fashion and Contemporary Art. Fashion Designer and Art Director for international brands, he founded Risekult in Milan in 2012, Cultural Association for Contemporary Art and publishes the Art Book Risekult book of excellence for collectors. Curator of art exhibitions collaborates with galleries and museums. Contributing Editor forL’Officiel Homme and Thesignspeaking with columns on Art and Fashion.