Designed by Diego Cisi / Archiplan and produced by EVER LIFE DESIGN / Thermomat, Roll is a versatile seat, comfortable, light but at the same time solid, safety and waterproof.

Roll is equipped with a stretch net, that becomes a useful storage compartment for commodities like care products, books, magazines and small accessories when used in living contexts.

The handle, in contrast coloured fabrics, makes the grip easier and therefore also the placement of Roll in different living space context, along with the hospitality sector.

With an internal structure in polystyrene recyclable, Roll is available in different upholstery like water-resistant technical textiles, that make it a perfect accessory to be used under the shower and in situations outdoor or with a high humidity level. The base is equipped with a non-slip cover, in order to guarantee the best level of safety in any context and on any surface.

Archiplan – opened in 1997 by Diego Cisi and Stefano Gorni Silvestrini has devoted its practice to the making of public, private, residential, and commercial buildings, local projects and enhancement of the landscape. It is also active in the field of interior design and fittings. The studio’s research focuses on the ability of Architecture to translate and express themes and relationships. The study is not concerned with the question of style as a system of recognizability of the author but rather with the potentiality of each project, intended as a process, and the final summary that reveals figures, forms and spaces.