Whether you love coffee or not, you won’t be able to miss the appointment with DESIGNSPEAKING TEMPORARY STORE&CAFE’ BY MOKADOR, on April 9th at via Maroncelli 2, Milan. You will get the chance to taste a coffee sans-égales made with Dado capsules and you will discover the work some young, promising designers have made, producing furniture and accessories with nothing but..coffee! These projects are part of “GUSTOCAFE’”, an idea by Raul Laurì and Umberto Dattola. The pieces of this project are covered with a groundbreaking material, obtained from recycled coffee grounds. Four windows in one oh the coolest streets of Brera Design District will allow designers and factories to show their newest creations. Several eco-sustainable projects will be exhibited in the temporary-store, open till April 30th, featuring products by Ecoepoque, Renata Crespi, Rita Scarpinato and Vito Nesta; Sk1n’s coverings; innovative ideas about social sustainability, such as the kitchen Mabile by Rita Scarpinato and Sergio Destro, thought specifically for the needs of disabled people; and moreover: the versatile furniture made in wood and steel by SteelWood, the taylor-made kitchens by Pesente. Impossible not to notice the elegant home-designs by Scandola Marmi, CODICE Collective Design  and Verdecemento, the funny objects by Avalon and Noon Art&Craft, the bathroom designs by Habi-Bath. The PIE project, that won the second edition of TALENT’S MANIFESTO, will also be presented: it was born in 2013 to give a voice to young, talented designers; this year its title will be DESIGNSPEAKING TOGETHER! and will have socialisation as its main theme. PIE is in fact a bracelet to exchange informations with just a handshake. Save the date!