SPINEBIKE is a Milan-based startup, born in 2016, from an idea of four young professionals in the heart of the metropolitan city where the need for sharing and sociality and the research for a new style of sustainable life, eco-friendly, wellness-oriented emerges every day. It’s a startup that deals with identifying and proposing new solutions for electric mobility with a smart and social approach inspired by the values of sharing economy.

Owner of the brand SPINE and creator of SPINECOIN, the application available for each device on Google Play and App Store, SPINEBIKE has developed the first digital system that ‘pays who cycle’ with a virtual currency and allows its users to share their ebikes within the community by means of a smart lock.

Through its leading-edge rewarding mechanism and its private sharing features to promote the spread of a sustainable means of transport, SPINEBIKE aims to shake up the traditional approach to sustainability with a new concept: green is cool. Ebike SPINE is sustainable, practical and fast, cyclists don’t have to deal with ‘parking anxiety’ or with traffic jam difficulties. Moreover, these ebikes help you stay fit without extreme efforts (thanks to the motor that assists your ride) and they can be fashionable too thanks to avant-garde designs and high-quality products that provide a nonconformist style and have zero impact on emissions.

SPINE’s ebikes represent the perfect combination for urban commuters that enjoy moving in the open air while being eco-friendly, without giving up on their look or on their desire to feel unique.

More and more people are choosing a bicycle that can somehow reflect their own style and their own personality. Using a bike doesn’t imply the need of changing our own outfits, worn daily to go to work, to join friends for dinner or just to fulfil the activities we keep for our free time. Today’s consumers are more aware than they used to be and they take responsibility for their actions. Their personal touch influences the tendencies that reflect the natural evolution of fashion and lifestyle.

SPINEBIKE is creating a new lifestyle concept in the field of urban mobility. SPINE’s ebikes stand out for their unmistakable appearance and for all the different models available, each inspired to the most dynamic and underground city areas in Milanand Barcelona. These two metropolises are indeed the cradles of the project, and they both are evolving their image towards an innovative and creative urban development.

The SPINE brand aims to overcome the concept of sustainable mobility, the bicycle isn’t just a ‘zero-impact’ mean of transportation. The ebike is unconventional and reflects the new trend ‘gorpcore’, which has recently been described by The Cut of New York Magazine: it brings together the usefulness of the different pieces of our wardrobe and their adaptation to urban lifestyle through design, technic and elegance. From this approach, at Florence’s Pitti Immagine Uomo, SPINEBIKE has teamed up with Armata di Mare that has selected Spine ebikes to present a new accessory: the Flasher vest, which can be worn onto any clothing and allows the cyclist to signal his/her itinerary on the road through radio-controlled light signals. It is now possible to hit the road safely. Style, uniqueness and attention to details and environment can transform cyclists in trendsetters. This is the evolution of the mobility combined with SPINEBIKE’s green revolution.

In addition, also the brand’s flagship stores convey this new concept: they are unique, urban and high tech spaces which welcome everybody to open discussions regarding the themes of innovation and sustainability. This is where a wider debate takes place, able to collect and re-organize innovative ideas while developing solutions for the whole field of urban sustainable mobility. SPINEBIKE sets its goal in giving its users not only a common satisfaction of need to move but a true experience