The KOY collection -available also in the flagship KOY store– is a treasure of high-quality natural materials sourced in India. A playful interlude of rich craftsmanship, elemental beauty and everyday objects re-imagined in a colourful world of emotions. Because good design needs to stimulate, and the ultimate luxury is the freedom to express yourself. StudioHAUS creations, products of a unique mixed heritage -traditional Indian roots and contemporary design concepts- are unmistakably modern yet always approachable. The studio’s approach is to bring the luxury of Indian craftsmanship to a wider audience.StudioHAUS travel the globe to discover design innovations, looking for new inspiration, wandering through imagination. StudioHAUS constantly experiment, searching for the emotion in materials and structure, finding harmony between form and function. StudioHAUS approach to craftsmanship is rooted in a unique blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.Founded in 2013 by architect and designer Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, whose multi-faceted design practise is informed by his training as an actor and later an architect, the studio has grown into a state-of-the-art workshop which brings together a global conversation on India’s rich artistic heritage. An eclectic melting pot, a passionate team of designers, architects and craftsmen who collaborate with award-winning artists, experts and master-craftsmen from around the world.From its inception, StudioHAUS has a focus on luxury to create meaningful spaces for their clients. Today their portfolio includes some of the most exclusive resorts, private homes and boutique retail concepts in India. In recent years, they have extended the spectrum to a range of residential and commercial projects, and later in 2017, the launch of KOY, an interior design concept store, introduced the studio’s bold, eclectic take on luxury to a wider audience.Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar studied architectural design at the Parsons School of Design in New York. Having spent formative years surrounded by nature in Kodaikanal, this influence runs deeply in Kunaal’s architectural and design work. Inspired by travel and a wide art historical canvas, Kunaal’s work is driven by an uncurbed curiosity to explore materiality and diverse artistic styles from classical to contemporary; the need to create a dialogue with the cultural and geographical context of a site is also an important part of his projects.

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar won the coveted EDIDA India Designer of the Year 2019 so that he is automatically qualified for the international EDIDA awards that are announced at Salone del Mobile next April in Milan.

Photos: stylist Bruno Tarsia, photographer Lorenzo Pinnati.