Following the successful launch of Jòdul tiles with its first collection, Margarit, Jòdul and Agustina Studio now present Costa and Cruïlles, the last two collections of the collaboration that lives under the name of Jòdul tiles by Agustina alias Diana Bertolín and Óscar Morte, founders of the design studio in Barcelona since 2017.Jòdul, a distributor of construction and decoration materials with more than 50 years of experience and a benchmark in the sector, also became a creator of ceramics by launching its first collection of porcelain stoneware tiles in collaboration with the design studio Agustina in December 2019.The collaboration between Jòdul and Agustina stems from Jòdul’s inquisitiveness to offer the market a different product: high-end graphic ceramic tiles aimed at contract interior design projects. Its purpose: that these surfaces interact directly with the space that houses them, nuancing the concept of interior design and creating a unique atmosphere, as well as a functional and visually captivating space.Beautiful, simple and versatile are the generating concepts of the three collections of porcelain stoneware tiles that Agustina has created for Jòdul tiles: Margarit, Costa and Cruïlles. Inspired by the origins of the traditional ceramic tile design, the organic shapes suggested by the material and the primary pigments that give its colours, the three collections share colour range but different aesthetic languages.

With the aim of maximizing the modular square shape of a 20cm x 20cm tile, Agustina has created a graphic design that can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the possibility to create an infinite number of compositional patterns.Margarit is the first of the three collections. As a result of reconsidering the classic floral design that emerges when crossing circumferences, it recreates a traditional motif that has been seen for decades applied in different ways. Margarit is made up of 4 designs and 8 colour variants that present a reformulated traditional aesthetic with a contemporary look.Following the game idea that was presented with the first collection, Costa and Cruïlles propose a series of suggestive patterns that provide a versatile, practical and contemporary vision of the ceramic tile.Costa is born out of the organic shapes suggested by the clay material from which the stone tile comes. A malleable material that is constantly evolving and changing, reminiscent of the land strip that borders the sea. The collection consists of two designs of irregular and dynamic shapes that combine in different colours.Cuiïlles is inspired by the pigment that gives colour to the ceramics; by the shade mixing process that gives rise to its derivatives. The collection features 1 design in 4 colours of interlocking shapes that always have continuity.The idea is to involve the client in the process of creation thanks to a variety of design styles that may suit the different needs and preferences; from the most austere, to the riskiest and colourful.

The result can be unique and surprising, as each combination interacts directly with the space it hosts and creates a unique atmosphere as well as a functional and visually captivating spot.