Exhibited for the fourth timeat the Milan Design Week, Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. – Japanese group born in 1965providing attractive designs in a wide range of sectors, from automotive tohousing and lifestyle products like sewing machines and beds, andenergy-related products – returns to its origins with the theme of “The nextfrontier in mobility” to let everybody know about its automotive partsbusiness, which accounts for over ninety percent of AISIN’ s sales. Theexhibition’s theme – sets up by the space designer Hikaru Mori – is to present Aisininitiatives in three of the foremost technologies of the coming high-mobilitysociety with the aim of taking the lead in developing new relationships betweenpeople and vehicle. Collaborating with three young, international artists Aisinwanted express the benefits of its technology and products from a newviewpoint. For the Automated Driving with the installation Visible Motion Satoshi Yoshiizumi expresses cutting-edge automotive technologies that cannormally only be found on the inside of a car. By showing the “beautifulmovements” created by such technologies, it aims to evoke the concept of“creation of human-mobility relationship”, which is the goal of AISIN. In alarge pool containing a special fluid, a tire’s contact surface appears in 3D.It forms sweeping arches and passes through effortlessly, only showing treadmarks of the movements. The confrontation between the viewer and the largewater basin lends way to a meeting of the viewer and movement, creating a senseof relationship between person and mobility and resulting in a significantexperiential impact. For Connected, Hideki Yoshimoto with Cocoon the future roleof vehicles will be a partner—one that is there to assist you, understand yourfeelings and is willing to listen to your needs. This installation aims tosymbolise the values of the partnership between humans and a future car. Thepure-white vehicle illuminated in a tranquil space is made of weaved threads,reminiscent of a cocoon. This sculpture of a car, presented as an organic, softand delicate entity, suggests that the relationship between humans and carswill become more intimate and of closer rapport in the future. For ZeroEmission, Shingo Abe with Transfer presented in high definition using twoprojectors on a huge canvas AISIN’s technology and the future it will bringabout. This graphical animation races through an abstract space createdentirely with computer images, from infinitely expanding technologies to thechanges wrought to vehicles through their interactions, arriving at the newscenery they bring about. Existing, individual technologies change as theyinteract, giving rise to new, next generation technology. This work allows usto catch a glimpse of part of the future, which we can aim for only because ofwhat the AISIN Group is doing today. Today when the environment surroundingautomobiles is changing significantly, the AISIN Group’s technologies andachievements offer a tried and true vision. Consequently, it aims for worksthat create a more friendly relationship between people and vehicles, matchingone’s personal sensibility. These proposals represent a worldthat integrates technology, design and art. Rather than springing from nothing,the next era will be an extension of the current one, and that creativeelements are important. And these works, born from experimentation andchallenge, will provide opportunities for thrilling excitement.