Sport and the “love for the game” are all around us and shapes our culture enormously. Through exploring sports culture Schoenstaub wants to find its standpoint in design in our everyday life and examine the relationship between sports and interiors. With ATHLETICA collection – developed under the creative direction of Nadja Stäubli, the founder of Schoenstaub – the company breaks up the well-defined markings of sports fields, their rules, their ‘inside’ and their ‘outside’. With a nod to fashion Schoenstaub want to emphasize on the importance of sport, the youth and its culture within product design.ATHLETICA collection was exhibited at the2018 with Pro Helvetia in Palazzo Litta. It is a collection designed and produced by Schoenstaub, a lifestyle brand focused on interior objects and accessories founded in Zurich in 2012. Original and innovative products with a contemporary design that withstand the test of time. Constantly searching for the ideal combination of functionality, quality and environmental and ethical production.ATHLETICA collection is a playful take on familiar floor designs and sports shapes that are part aesthetic entertainment, part formal exercise and fuse the rough crudeness of sports with the refinement of design. With the different objects, we build a bond between functionality and aesthetics while forming a space for practice and play. The bold graphic language works in different scenarios with the mix of coloured shapes and lines, intersecting and contrasting across the courts/objects. The colour palette is a mix of court and team-inspired colours. The carefully curated collection, designed in Zurich, is made of carpets made in Iran, beach towels made in Germany and blankets made in USA 100% Cotton and objects 100% Porcelain made in Switzerland.