Medulum, new furniture brand that makes full use of the 40-year-old experience of the Zanchettin carpentry workshop in Meolo (Venice), presents PAESAGGI INTERNI in a space that looks out over one of Via Brera’s loveliest courtyards in Milan (Michela Cattai Studio). During the Brera Design Days for the Milan Fall Design Week 2018 in the Brera Design District.PAESAGGI INTERNI – previewed during the Milan Design Week last April – is Medulum first furniture line, inspired by the architecture of the Venetian Lagoon, where the brand has its home, and shown in the framework of an exhibition design that reproduces domestic panoramas which are suspended in time and have a metaphysical feel.

The collection, with art direction by the BACS architettura – Architecture and Design studio founded in 2011 by Mauro Accardi and Silvia Buccheri – draws inspiration from and absorbs two hints associated with the birthplace of Medulum: the wild nature, colours and moods of the Venetian Lagoon, and the sophisticated interiors of the Venetian nobility’s country residences. So, while the colour palette chosen for the pieces in the collection recalls the colours of the Lagoon, the finishes and materials are inspired by the elegant furnishings found in the homes of the aristocracy.

The eight pieces of furniture that make up this first collection spring from a partnership between artisan expertise and the experience in carpentry accumulated by the Zanchettin family, which has been in business for the last 40 years, and the linguistic and typological research undertaken by the designers of the pieces in the Collection.Some pieces are designed by Mauro Accardi and Silvia Buccheri from BACS architettura. Riccardo Bandera designed the wall cabinet Bauta and the three-dimensional shelf Barena.Viviana Degrandi signs Vento a modular set designed to furnish (or re-create) the entrance of homes in order to make the most of the available space with elegance. The resulting furniture introduces innovative solutions made with the typical care of artisan products.

The very name of the brand is both a reference and a tribute to the area: Medulum is the Latin name for the river that was the Venetian nobility’s preferred way to travel to their summer residences from Venice. And it is the landscape of the Lagoon that provides the backdrop for company owner Diego Zanchettin’s daily journey to Medulum’s headquarters.