Chairs, benches, stools and tables subtly combine lightweight metal frames with warm fabric seats, solid wood backs and robust stone tabletops.

Mim is an extensive, visually lightweight collection. Both its versatility in finishes and its timeless and honest language make it perfectly suited for the rustic and sophisticated interiors of restaurants, cafeterias and waiting areas.

Tarruella Trenchs Studio, which designed the Mim collection for Vergés, stands out for creating spaces that spark emotions. They take on each project as a new challenge, interpreting the client’s needs and wishes with a view toward the future, while also reviewing and respecting the past. Sandra Tarruella began her career in 1984 with designs for the Mordisco, the first Tragaluz Group restaurant. Following several years of experience and a blossoming trajectory, she has embarked on a new journey together with Richard Trenchs.


Vergés chairs and furniture are the result of a combination of experience, vocation, quality and design. A family company born in Tortellà, a town in Alta Garrotxa (Spain), Vergés has been carrying out its business in the same location for almost 50 years. Such continuance provides insight into the company’s philosophy, personality and way of working.

The Vergés furniture of today was designed and developed by renowned design personalities and manufactured with the utmost care at the company’s own workshops, yielding furniture that ensures an optimal result in the visuals of any installation.

Character, endurance, on-time deliveries and after-sales servicing adapted to the demands of any project contract.

And with its passion for interior design, Vergés understands that each project is a world of its own, making adaptability a key to success in today’s world. This translates to the ability to adapt to the needs of any client, offering customized finishes for any model from the catalogue, high-quality fabrics and a wide range of materials and colours.


Photo by Francesc Rabat