Biennale Architettura 2021
Mag 22–Nov 21 giorno intero
Biennale Architettura 2021


The 17th International Architecture Exhibition organized by La Biennale di Venezia will run from 22 May to 21 November 2021, curated by architect and scholar Hashim Sarkis. “The world is putting new challenges in front of architecture – stated Sarkis. I look forward to working with participating architects from around the world to imagine together how we are going to rise to these challenges.

Hashim Sarkis has been Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) since 2015. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a Ph.D. in Architecture from Harvard University. He is the author and editor of several books and articles on modern architectural history and theory.

White Man & Woman @ Superstudio Più - Ex Ansaldo
Set 23–Set 26 giorno intero



For this edition, the selection dedicated to contemporary craftsmanship, curated by Angelo Ruggeri and Valeria Oppenheimer, presents over 20 companies with a brand mix that ranges from clothing to footwear, passing through jewels. A selection of different brands, sharing the same DNA, that of “contemporary artisans” who offer Made in Italy creations, attentive to the image of the product and sustainability. Today, the craftsmanship that we can define as ‘contemporary’ is not only linked to the hand-made, but also to the ‘mind-made’, or rather to ‘doing with the head’, with ideas. The selection is therefore enriched by young brands founded by artisans expert in graphics and prints, by opinion makers who have relaunched the concept of footwear, or by creatives who have introduced new technologies to create innovative collections. This is the direction to follow today: mixing the tradition dedicated to the artisanal universe with the digitized allure of the present and the future. If until a few years ago, these micro-companies were on the margins of the fashion system, at the moment they are experiencing a phase in which they have the opportunity to conquer large markets. This is partly due to the digitization of the sector and the direct relationship that some media, especially social networks, allow to entertain with the end customer.



A necessary decision in maintaining your business in a market that is more aware and attentive to these dynamics.

Sustainable fashion represents the only viable way for the future of planet earth and of those who inhabit it as the fashion industry aims to establish a respectful relationship with the environment.

The selected brands represent this value because they aim to produce their garments using recycling and upcycling processes, to work with less polluting raw materials, to reduce the environmental impact of their production, and above all to work towards a path of traceability and transparency.

Eco-design has become a new way of conceiving fashion and this starts from the art of design, thinking of an item that is sustainable from its birth to its disposal.


The new frontier of craftsmanship where tradition coexists with modernity through the work of modern makers who combine image and product.

Uniqueness and attention to detail characterize all the products created by the selected brands that have been able to preserve an artisanal dimension by associating them with an avant-garde way of designing. Each object through the material and finishes tells a precise story that involves the consumer and makes them feel special.

Handcraft productions are more sustainable than large-scale distribution and give life to unique creations with a strong personality thanks to heritage, a concept that speaks of culture and makes each product a symbol of innovation through design.


Art Basel | Basel
Set 26–Set 29 giorno intero

 Art Basel announces the exhibitor list for its 2021 edition in Basel, staging a strong in-person return to its Swiss show with 273 leading galleries

  • Art Basel reveals a line-up of 273 premier galleries from 33 countries and territories for the Basel show
  • 24 galleries – ranging from London and Pristina to New York and Buenos Aires – join the fair for the first time
  • Art Basel’s first in-person show in Basel since the pandemic will embrace a hybrid format, bridging the physical and the digital to engage with the broadest possible audiences, onsite and online
  • Art Basel, whose Lead Partner is UBS, takes place at Messe Basel from September 24 to 26, 2021

Art Basel is pleased to announce the list of exhibitors taking part in the 2021 edition of the fair in Basel. 273 leading galleries from across the globe will present the highest quality of works across all media, from rare and historical masterpieces to new works by today’s emerging artistic voices. A strong line-up of galleries from around Europe will be joined by new and returning exhibitors from across the world, including Asia, North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Cersaie @ Bologna Fiere
Set 27–Ott 1 giorno intero
Cersaie @ Bologna Fiere | Bologna | Emilia-Romagna | Italy

Cersaie is considered as the not-to-be-missed event for the surfaces and bathroom furnishings sectors.

Cersaie will be held in the Bologna Exhibition Centre from September the 27th to October the 1st.

The show will adopt a safer, more engaging and more international exhibition format.

It will allow rethinking the world of architecture and home design in a way that brings together health and beauty.

Arte Fiera Bologna
Gen 21@12:19 pm–Gen 23@1:19 pm

In the two preceding editions, Italy’s longest-running modern and contemporary art fair ARTE FIERA was almost completely renewed. The 2021 edition will consolidate the new formula. Of course, there will also be surprises and new features, starting with the curator of the Focus section: in 2022, Focus will be curated by Marco Meneguzzo.

The Main section ranges from Italian Modern and Post-War art (traditional strong points of Arte Fiera) to contemporary research, emphasising monographs and curatorial proposals that focus on a school or a trend.

Devoted to modern art and to Post-War Masters, Focus does not have fixed content: the invited curator (who changes every year) concentrates on a period, trend, artistic school based on his/her expertise and preferences. The second edition of Focus, curated by art critic and historian Marco Meneguzzo, will regard so-called “exact art” (which includes kinetic art, programmed art, and similar trends) from the late ’50s to the 70s, with specific attention to the Italian scene.

Pittura XXI is a new format for art fairs (both Italian and foreign): a section devoted entirely to the most traditional language – painting – which in recent years has returned to centre stage for critics, institutions and the market. With a selection of “solo” and “duet” stands, the section focuses on 21st-century painting and offers a panorama of emerging and mid-career artists, both Italian and foreign. The section is curated by Davide Ferri, independent critic and curator who has a proven record of writings and exhibitions on international contemporary painting.