Katia Giuliani

Cose Apparentemente Assurde (Apparently Absurd Things)
2020, March 10th – May 3rd

6. Souvenir

A domestic chronicle, a serial work between assemblage, sculpture, drawing, performance, short video and photography with what was available at home. A report that summarizes my lockdown: news reports, personal episodes, my mental state; between symbolism and the obvious, limits and possibilities, sense and nonsense.”

18. Tribute to nature

Thus Katia Giuliani, Florentine visual artist and performer, describes her project, begun during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

8. France aussi

It’s a daily report from home, published on her Instagram profile (one post a day), in various media, between visual art and performance.

32. E c’è chi veglia su di noi

One of the images, number 5, “Reconnection with Nature # 2”, is a self-portrait with coral as a mask. The image is linked to the next edition of the Santarcangelo Festival, an internationally known theatre and performing arts festival under the artistic direction of Motus.Her practice takes as its starting point the investigation of relationships, conditioning and behavioural reference models in contemporary society, a practice that is developing ever more towards an intimate and personal exploration.

Freedom, love, limit, presence, bond, connection, ritual, are the most recurrent concepts of Katia Giuliani research that turn to the overcoming of the barriers of the mind, which she explores via an experiential practice spanning across media such as performance, installation, happening and public art.


From left to right:

  1. 8514
  2. Sacred Space #37
    3. Eyes Wide Shot
    4. Glass Head
    5. Reconnection with Nature #2
    6. Souvenir
    7. Holy Alva
    8. France aussi
    9. Look over
    10. Greetings from Venice
    11. Protection
    12. In vain attempt to capture the spring sun
    13. Don’t stop loving me
    14. Ossequio
    15. Declinazioni
    16. “15” pensando fosse il 15
    17. Reconnection with nature #2
    18. Tribute to nature
    19. Ho’oponopono
    20. Escape of the day
    21. Tie you tight
    22. To X
    23. Totem
    24. Silence please
    25. Framing
    26. Reconnection with nature #3 (Safari in un cespuglio nel giardino di casa)
    27. Reperti da 15mq di giardino in 15 minuti di esplorazione
    28. I had a dream
    29. Un* del gregge
    30. Where you go?
    31. Packaging
    32. E c’è chi veglia su di noi
    33. Shiny Disco Ball (Dancing like crazy)
    34. Conversazioni Pasquali con una coscia di pollo che non ha più niente da dire
    35. Amulet for a sad day
    36. Le conseguenze dell’amore
    37. Archeologia Coroniana per i posteri
    38. Stop Making Sense for a walk with no sense
    39. I have a fuckin’ dream
    40. Yummy…
    41. Mandala with unattainable hands
    42. La riscossa
    43. Other invaders today
    44. Hellooo!!!
    45. Loop
    46. Suggerimenti dall’asfalto
    47. A4
    48. Johan’s fault
    49. Maschera anti conflitto
    50. Per Lina
    51. Guazzabuglio
    52. Reconnection with nature #5
    53. In memory of the first walk over 200 meters
    54. Welcome
    55. 55