For those who consider the modern kitchen a hankering for trendsetters, between appearances, little taste and indescribable waste, one can now give those people something new to think about: the zero waste theory.

This simple and interesting theory is the brainchild of Chef Franco Alberti, who together with his partner, Andrea Muccioli, profess the unwastefullness of the nouvelle cuisine in their restaurant Evviva Riccione, in Romagna.

Aliberti —as he explains in this interview—lives and breathes his kitchen with the spirit of his not-quite-thirty years and rigorous pastry training that characterizes him. He has theorized a new way of consuming that respects products and devised new techniques to minimize waste.

With an audience of teachers such as Alajmo, Ducasse and Marchesi, the young chef is second to none thanks to allies in the field of technology: at the showroom Pogghenphol Milan offered the opportunity to test the new range of products from Insinkerator . The water tap that warms up to 98 degrees and sink waste integrated in the hydraulic system, represent two of the opportunities that the modern design of the brand offers restaurants in order to minimize time and waste.

The sink without blades creates optimizable waste in clean energy without representing a danger in domestic kitchens, as the installation of the taps come with a system of security to protect against boiling water. Two innovations that represent a new meeting point between duty and pleasure, with the ability to offer a great service that takes care of the environment.