Interior design playrooms made in Portugal to feel the magic around.

The bedrooms of our children are magical spaces where we read them bedtime stories, play with them, and help them with their homework. Circu wants 2023 to be a wonderful year full of new design experiences and it takes us on a journey where we feel the magic around and see the world and interior design with new eyes, full of unlimited options.

Because Circu was built under a dream. The dream is to allow children to live their own fantasies and create a magical world for them to fly under an imagination that has no limit. With hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces made in Portugal with the finest materials, Circu delivers only the highest quality furnishings that turn children’s dreams into reality. From airplane beds, rockets armchairs to a crib inspired on a hot air ballon, their pieces create moments and experience between children’s real-world and their fantasies.

Any time of the year always invites to renew and refresh a child’s room, and nothing better than painting it with the most irreverent colours like the blue of the sky and the green of nature.

Fantasy Air Balloon by Circu

Circu’s playrooms combines adventure and fun in the right doses, so that the magic and unique values of childhood are never lost.

Leyla Interiors by Circu

Featuring a newest, but great statement piece like the Magical Market, Circu takes the category of kids’ playgrounds to another level. The brand designed a little town entirely made for kids, a place where imagination pops up, and dreams become real.

In this in and outdoor playground, you have it all: a house that connects with the rest of the playroom through a wood ladder with ropes on the side, a kitchenette, a bookcase, a ball pool, and even a gym area. Pastel colors and playful lines collide smoothly, so your kids can feel like little adults and live their own dreams.

Tristen bed in green pastel velvet

The playroom itself also includes a great study area with multiple storage compartments, just like Minelli Bookcase, providing elegance and functionality, in a gorgeous mid-century modern design.

Girls room magical furniture

Extending the organisational and irreverent aspect of the desk area, Dream secretary and Pixie Office Chair are the stellar duo that promise to beautify and add a cosy and warm touch to the longest and most studious nights.

Pixie chair by Circu

Smooth as a feather, the playrooms of Circu gives children the gift of enjoying and living the best of childhood, with all the comfort and safety. The ideal space to bring the closest friends, either for pure fun, or in a big birthday party, that will delight the true explorers, ready for an adventure through nature, indoors.

Dino bed by Circu