Hábitat, from 19th to 22nd September 2023 at Feria Valencia, uncovered the soul of design in its creativity campaign

The creativity for the marketing campaign for Feria Hábitat València, from 19th to 22nd September 2023, is being worked on by the creatives at Valencia design agency Odosdesign and aims to uncover “the soul” of interiors, design or objects, furniture or lampshinting at the fresh take on fitting out interiors provided through the sensory and experiential event that Feria Hábitat València 2023 is poised to be.

The creativity offered a forward-looking image of what is one of the foremost events on the Spanish and international interior landscape: Feria Hábitat València. The main objective was to take the branding initially conceived by Odosdesign itself a stage further and focus it on the product and its high standard of quality, but this time from a conceptual perspective, making it memorable and clearly part of the circuit of key trade fairs for the industry.

The soul of the campaign

The aim was to represent different products linked to the interior industry through their raw materials, thereby “exposing” the skeleton hidden inside a sofa, for example, or a little table or a lamp. “What we are drawing attention to”, the design agency explains, “is the essence and the importance of the design process that underlies the final result, which is the outer layer of each object that we finally get to see”.

For Odosdesign, therefore, “every thread woven with care, every one of a product’s layers, every joint has a history to it, a shared experience, and is pivotal to creating welcoming spaces full of personality. This creativity invites people to explore the raw materials used to make the products”.

Valencia is clearly still positioning itself as a destination indisputably linked to design, is evidently on top form, and is maintaining the positive performance it has delivered in recent years in terms of figures and quality offering.


Odosdesign is a design agency founded in 2002. It specializes in taking a broad design approach to create a concept that captures the essence of a brand. Its aim is to use creativity, research, and transformative design to deliver the most impactful and lasting results. Driving its success is a multidisciplinary team of talented individuals led by Luis Calabuig and Ana Segovia. Over their 20 years in the business, they have worked with international brands such as Actiu, Mindo, Danao, Punt Mobles, Lladró, and Fiora. Some of their creations, like the Ensombra parasol designed for Gandiablasco, have been displayed in design museums all over the world.