Each bag is a sail. Each sail has a story. Every Bolina Sail product is born from a discarded sail that has finished its adventure at sea.

Each bag is a sail. Each sail has a story to tell. Every product is born from a discarded sail that has finished its adventure at sea. Bolina Sail -custodian of these treasures- is a craft workshop based in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a small peninsula overlooking the Adriatic Sea between Venice and Trieste. The surrounding lagoon inspires the project daily through its rich ecosystem and its beautiful landscape.

The sea is our world: we want to do our part to reduce man’s environmental impact on Earth.” say the tight-knit team of craftsmen who every day put their heads, hands, and hearts into creating sustainable and unique bags and accessories.

Bolina Sail

We take to heart all that lies above and below the sea. For us, the sea is a reference point that shapes our lives and determines our actions. Now that climate change is endangering the biodiversity of ecosystems, the marine environment is also increasingly fragile and threatened. We want to commit ourselves to protect and safeguard it, in our private lives as well as in our daily work: every recovered sail and every stitch on Bolina Sail bags carries this awareness and vision.”

The materials of sails are made of are resistant to wind and weather, and lend themselves perfectly to rebirth in new forms. Each one comes alive in high-quality craftsmanship products made with patience and experience.

Bolina Sail bags collect the stories of the fabrics it is made of. They take sails once used for racing, cruising and surfing and give them a second life by transforming them into bags and accessories: technical materials such as kevlar, dacron and carbon are upcycled, avoiding their early disposal. Each piece is unique and carefully handcrafted in Italy.

Bolina Sail, Itaca bag

RECYCLE: bags made from 100% recycled sailcloth

Bolina Sail, Vulcano bag

CRAFTMANSHIP: Each one of them is 100% handcrafted by an artisanal process.

Bolina Sail, Randa bag

ZERO KM: They are 100% made in Italy with materials produced as close as possible to the workshop.

Bolina Sail, Fuerteventura bag

The philosophy is to work with upcycling – starting from discarded materials and transforming them into something new – a way of “going upwind.” Bolina in fact translates as “upwind”. It refers to a typical sailing gait where the bow is brought as far as possible in the direction of the wind in order to pick up speed. For those who sail, upwind is the most exciting gait because the boat seems to be carried away – as if it were suddenly to take off… For Bolina Sail it is a dynamic yet exciting challenge, even when the world seems to be going in the opposite direction. We believe that a change, of course, is necessary and we feel that mankind is slowly meeting this challenge.

Bolina Sail, Cipro bag
Bolina Sail, Gomena bag
Bolina Sail, Fiocco bag