ADI-FAD organizes on October Thursday 19th, the conference ADI Making Of… Ecodesign 2023. Talks with a common theme: the laureates of the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2023.

ADI-FAD, FAD Association of Industrial Design, the interlocutor for the community of professionals, students, and businesses that love this discipline, organizes on October Thursday 19th, the conference ADI Making Of… Ecodesign 2023. Talks with a common theme: the laureates of the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2023.

“ADI Making of…” is a regular cycle of conferences organized by ADI-FAD with the aim of promoting public recognition of those products that stand out for their excellence in conceptual and formal renovation, their innovative character, the social response they generate, as well as their environmental, technological and manufacturing process suitability.

The last session of the year of the ADI Making Of… conferences, is reflecting on eco-design. The speakers awarded the 2023 Catalunya Ecodisseny Award, will reveal to us the design and manufacturing process of four products and projects that integrate considerations to improve their environmental performance throughout their life cycle and thus contribute to the circular economy.

The activity will take place at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, with the possibility of streaming through the ADI-FAD YouTube channel. At the end of the talks, the attendees will be able to visit the exhibition of the fifth edition of the Catalunya Ecodesign Award of the Generalitat de Catalunya, coordinated by the General Directorate of Environmental Quality and Climate Change and with the technical secretariat of the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

Award category “Product”

Workwear ECOLOOP by Techni Tiger

Product: Teixit Ecoloop UB for workwear
Design and manufacturer: Techni Tiger
Speakers: Techni Tiger

This product consists of different fabrics for the manufacture of workwear, made with a high percentage of recycled fibers and post-consumer textile waste.

Mention category “Product”

Carretó 8 Plus de Rolser by Antoni Parera

Product: Carretó 8 Plus de Rolser
Design and manufacturer: Innou: Antoni Parera
Speaker: Antoni Parera i Rolser

The Rolser 8 Plus sustainable shopping cart presented by Innou (Antoni Parera Buxeres) is the first shopping cart made exclusively from recycled plastics.

Award Category “Product in development” 

Product: Eco Duo
Design and manufacturer: Proquimia
Speaker: Proquimia

Cleaning product packaging presented by Proquimia, SA offers a solution to increase the circularity of ready-to-use packaging containing concentrated cleaning products.

Mention category “Young Design”

Project: Ex-těrra
Design and Speaker: Carolina Galeazzi
School: IED Barcelona

Paper and ink made from artichoke leaves and stems.


Since 1960, ADI-FAD has been working continuously for excellence in the practices of product design and the dissemination of the culture of design. The ADI-FAD is the benchmark association for product design in Spain and has been a full member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID) since 1961. Since 1962 ADI-FAD has organized the Delta Awards for Industrial Design, which have been won by some of the most renowned Spanish designer products in recent history. Since 1976 ADI-FAD recognized with the ADI Medals as the best dissertation project in the field of industrial design. In 2016 it launched the first call for the ADI Culture Awards. Today, the three recognitions are gathered under the ADI Awards concept.

19.10.23 / 16.00 h

DHUB – Disseny Hub Barcelona Building

Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38, Barcelona