From May 27 through 30, 2022 at Yerevan Expo Center, Al-Tiba9 presents at the Armenia Art Fair AAF 2022 a special selection of Middle Eastern and North African artists

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art aims to seize, in a particular way, the social reality that consists of creating an interface between the West and the Arab world. Al-Tiba9 exhibits many well-known, established artists from different backgrounds. It introduces emergent artists to the international scene with a primary focus on contemporary art reflecting modern society and its environment, encouraging innovation and diversity of mediums, which engage potentially today’s art scene. For this reason, Mohamed Benhadj, founder and curator, has established annual international exhibitions since the Al-Tiba9 foundation in 2013. This has grown a network of collaborations with museums in Algeria and Spain, Art professionals, and international artists.

Al-Tiba9 presents at Armenia Art Fair Abdo Hassan, Amr Alngmah, Jalal Mashhadi Fard and Rabee Baghshani.

ALADDIN, Artwork Amr Alngmah, Yemen

The “Video Games Nostalgia” series by Amr Alngmah represent hobbies, video games, and characters that the artist loved at a young age and is still attached to them today. In addition to his love for video games, the artist is related and specializes in the arts, especially Islamic arts, its heritage, history, and Islamic miniature, which narrates how Arabs and Muslims lived in the past. In that work, the artist creates this unique combination of his love for video games and his passion for Islamic miniature.

Abdo Hassan is a Visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt. Specialized in digital visual arts, digital collages, and mixed media. Living in a folk district, the artist gets his inspiration from his everyday life and what he experiences in his city.  In his work, he juxtaposes images following his artistic vision, making artworks with wild colours and surreal concepts, giving him a feeling of freedom, as he thinks this kind of art has no boundaries. As in the artwork above LET GO.

SOLITUDE, Artwork Abdo Hassan, Egypt

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art is an international project of contemporary art, featuring art in the field of Photography, Installation, Sculpture, Video art, Virtual Art, Performance, and Fashion design. Its annual exhibitions are held at MAMA National Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Algiers, a majestic five-story building, which is one of the jewels of neo-Moorish architecture and a popular venue for contemporary art in Algeria.

Preview on Artsy from May 25th through June 8th, 2022.