CREM’s coffee machine EX3 designed by Nacar Strategic Design Agency based in Barcelona won the Delta gold ADI 2020 (Complements & Instruments category) award yesterday November the 24th during the event organized by Asociación de Diseño Industrial ADI-FAD.

The aim of the EX3 was not to design a coffee machine but to design one that could fit and adapt to a wide range and styles of restoration: trendy coffee, cosy bakery, freshly made, smoothie shop, barista, roaster…The EX3 design meets the demands of personalization when offering a wide range of desired configurations and also optimises its size without a loss of technological features.

Coffee is a fascinating bean, with many benefits and wonders, fueling us to a vision in which CREM’s coffee machine EX3 takes a central role in the entire experience, fulfilling all demands for a nice espresso in a simple and easy way and adapting not only the user needs but also it’s requirements of personalization.

It takes people who live and breathe coffee to make equipment that ensures everyone can experience coffee the way they want it” stated Bern Donadeu (Creative Director) and Florian Schroeder (Industrial Design) from Nacar Strategic Design Agency. “Through agile methods we collaborated closely with CREM team mapping trends across the globe surrounding the coffee industry, gaining knowledge of styles, environments and industry traits.”

Starting from user-centred design, the research phase was conducted interviewing baristas from all sectors delving into the different user needs and pain-points shaping the user experience of the new EX3.

It’s high-user-friendliness combines design, ergonomics and customization. All in one visually attractive, functional and versatile coffee machine. It is a powerful simple, recognizable and flexible platform. It was developed thinking not only in the user, who needs a compact, efficient and fast coffee machine but also thinking in their new brand, CREM, to ensure the design communicates the core brand values: Curious connoisseurs, Intuitively designed, Consistently reliable.

The EX3 makes customisation and adaptation possible for each scenario so that it can fit into a wide range of desired configurations: from a small space to a larger bar.