At the first edition of Porto Design Biennale, Ilaria Bianchi, a product and furniture designer born in Pisa in 1989 and based in Milan, presents two news products as part of the exhibition ‘Frontiere – Expression of contemporary design’, in the Territorio Italia section (until 28 of September). Italy is the guest country and through three exhibitions and a conference, is well explained a new practice of Italian design, inseparable from the context of tension and socio-political change that affects the country and is symptomatic of a broad spectrum of tensions that mark Europe and today’s globalized world.

A vase and a coffee table developed during her residency at Palazzo Monti in Brescia. In the new vase BICAUDATA a mathematical series of cuts, executed on a brass industrial profile, generates an object with a significant materic flexibility. Like a fork-tailed mermaid, pressure and heat divide the industrial profile, which opens to embrace a flower into its centre.BAGATTO is a new coffee table. The magician of tarot cards uses his tools placed on a powerful altar: they represent four suits and four directions, converting energy to matter. Four alchemic elements generate a table, alternatingly ethereal and present in space.Ilaria Bianchi uses a multidisciplinary approach, ranges from industrial design to unique pieces, to installations. Her work moulds artisanal and technical techniques, studying design solutions with an analytical and critical perspective, and a strong focus on sustainability.

Her creations are shown in galleries, cultural centres and international fairs such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, Triennale di Milano, Dimore Gallery( Dimore Studio), Building Gallery, Galleria Luisa delle Piane, Pad London, MiArt, Stockholm Design Fair, London Design Fair, Salone del Mobile and many others.