The extension cord presented by MOM is designed by OH Interior Design e.U. OH. It is an elegant, eye-catching extra-plugs solution for any interior decoration and office space.

The translucent acrylic glass frame is made in Austria and assembled by OH Interior Design with two sockets and a textile cable.

All parts are sourced in the EU. Available from 2 to 8 plugs extensions in different colors. Cable length: 5 meters.

The OH logo is symmetrically engraved on the two side discs of the frame.

OH Interior Design e.U. creates innovative, acrylic glass products which add sophistication to modern and classic interiors.

I founded my company on the 10th of April 2015, which (after my initials) has been named OH Interior Design e.U. I have fulfilled the dream of my own creative path. Offering Interior design, Surveying real estate, and also continuing my passion for new product design and recycling old/new bottles to create new unique bottle lamps.” says Oliver Haffner.