What happens when an architectural designer starts baking cakes?

Pastry Chef from Ukraine, Dinara Kasko is a creative food designer that invents Geometrical kinetic tarts, Geometric desserts, Bubbles with exotic fruit…

When the Algorithms model the cakes the result is 81 individual cakes where every single piece was unique in shape.

You can buy her own silicone moulds with recipes on her website www.dinarakasko.com

On December 20, 21 and 22 Dinara Kasko is in Barcelona for a Master Class open to any level of experience.

Such as workshops, each student will leave the course with their own work and have learned the techniques taught by the cake designer Dinara Kasko. They will not only learn the recipe, they will also learn the essential techniques for creating cakes, temperatures, textures, flavour balance, stabilization, product integration, all knowledge to be implemented when making any cake recipe in the future.


1. Cake Cherry: Dinara moulds Cherry

Chocolate sponge cake, crunchy layer, cremeux, confit cherry, chocolate mousse.

2. Cake Chocolate block: Cubic mould

Chocolate sponge cake, crunchy layer, cremeux, chocolate mousse, chocolate mousse.

3. Cake Caramel: Mould 16*16cm

Shortcrust dough, sponge cake, cremeux, caramelized nuts, caramel mousse

4. Cake Cluster: Dinara moulds

Shortcrust dough, sponge cake, confit, mousse with caramelized white chocolate.

5. Cake Bubbles: Cloud mould

Sponge cake, crunchy layer, confit guava-strawberry, confit mango-passion fruit, mousse with lime, neutral glaze.

6. Cake Wildberry: circle 18cm

Sponge cake, sponge cake moelleux, crunchy layer, ganache, mousse with berries, berries.

7. Individual cake Coffee: pyramids moulds

Chocolate sponge cake, crunchy layer with chocolate and caramelized coffee beans, coffee сreme brulée, coffee mousse.

8. Individual cake 3*3*3: Dinara moulds

Raspberry mousse, raspberry confit, sponge cake, cremeux, glaze

9. Individual cake Pear: Russian tail mould

Shortcrust dough, sponge cake, pear-mint compote, cremeux dulcet, mousse with goat cheese.

10. Tart Vanilla: moulds for tarts

Shortcrust dough, sponge cake moelleux, crunchy layer, confit apricot, creme-brulee vanilla, whipped ganache vanilla.


Escuela de repostería creativa “El món dolç de Claudia”

Calle Castelao, 167 (a 100 mts del Centro Comercial Gran Vía 2)

08902 – Hospitalet de Llobregat – Barcelona