Freshness is perhaps the word that best describes the collection of the designer Tina Frey. With the eye of someone who has not forgotten the days of childhood, the kitchen-ware she proposes are extremely simple, with no element going to affect their functionality, but colored in soft and carefree tones, that bring joy and make you think to light. The inspirations for the design of the products are found in the organic forms of nature and objects found travelling around the world, visible when simple containers are available in soft shapes and asymmetrical and placed in unusual configurations. All of them are designed and handmade by the designer using resin as the material of choice, which makes them suitable for food and placement in outdoors or in the bathroom. The result is a collection of shapes and colors, very unique due to the fact that each element, being realized by hand, is different from the other, where you can really feel the care and attention with which each item has been completed.