Celebrating 10 Years of DAM. Embracing sustainability and Portuguese heritage continues to bring joy, make a difference, and create remarkable spaces, for interior designers who prioritize sustainability

Known for its commitment to craftsmanship, environmentally friendly practices, and captivating design narratives, Portuguese design company DAM has been shaping inspiring interiors and provoking smiles with its ethical furniture.

Established in 2013, DAM was born out of a desire to showcase Portuguese culture on a global scale through eco-friendly furniture. In 2023, DAM is celebrating its remarkable 10-year journey in the world of interior design and the modern furniture industry.

The brand’s journey began by winning the “POPs – Portuguese Original Projects’’ competition at the Serralves Museum and making a successful debut at the 100% Design Fair in London in September in the same year. Since then, DAM has participated in various international exhibitions and expanded its reach to over 12 countries. It has served prestigious clients such as luxury hotels like Sheraton (SANA Hotels) and Marriott Prague (Marriott International), as well as multinational companies like Google and Survey Monkey.

Embracing sustainability and Portuguese heritage the designer furniture of DAM Portugal combines design, craftsmanship, and industry, each with a unique story that evokes emotions and promotes a high quality of life.

Their range of furniture design includes the Nel and Maria wooden bedside tables, the versatile Pipo cork stool, the elegant Dina and Dora chairs, the functional Flora small table, the luxurious Gago and Sacadura armchairs, and the minimalist Celeste and Varina side tables. All DAM products are exclusively designed and meticulously crafted with handmade details in Portugal, celebrating the country’s culture and heritage by combining traditional techniques with modern design.

The brand is dedicated to sustainability and uses organic, biodegradable, and renewable materials such as cork, straw, wicker, rope, and local stones sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring an environmentally friendly lifecycle.

Over the past 10 years, DAM’s journey has demonstrated the power of creativity, sustainability, and innovation in the field of interior design. Hugo Silva and Joana Santos, the founders and resident designers of DAM, are dedicated to their goal of establishing DAM as the leading choice for interior designers who prioritize sustainability.

A vision for the future: to continue to create remarkable spaces, bring joy, and make a difference.