In the official program of Milano Design Week, the event organized by the phygital platform TERRASZA dedicated to outdoor design, promises a unique surprise: an open-air cinema. This initiative is the fruit of a collaboration with the FX Barcelona School of Cinema and Animation, alongside the winning projects of the International 3D Awards competition promoted by Gandia Blasco e Bo Models. Il Giardino di Alik is transformed into a space where design, nature, and art converge, reminiscent of the floral photographs in the SOLI series by Francesca Romano on display. All of these elements harmonize with “Materia Natura,” the theme of Fuorisalone 2024.

The inaugural edition of TERRASZA MILANO 2024, scheduled from April 15th to 21st, is hosted by a newly launched phygital platform focused solely on Exterior Design. It promises an array of surprises. Endorsed by the Comune di Milano and included in the official Milano Design Week program, the event presents a distinctive opportunity for both professionals and enthusiasts to explore the domains of outdoor design and living.

Set in the Giardino di Alik, the location of the Centro Artistico Alik Cavaliere at Via Edmondo de Amicis 17, TERRASZA MILANO 2024 is nestled in the lively core of the 5VIE district—a nexus of design and art through history. In this evocative setting, amid the sculptures of one of the late 20th century’s most celebrated contemporary art figures, attendees can experience the latest in outdoor furnishings and accessories from a range of companies. This exceptional venue illuminates the moonlit charm of outdoor spaces.

The exhibition’s layout, meticulously curated by A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti, ensures a harmonious presentation of products from Benkert Bänke, Bover, Ca\Stil, Carola fra i Trulli, Diabla, Lorelux, Magis, Musola, Novara Outdoor Kitchens, Plust, Vajillas de Ultramar, and Viscio Urban Design.

In the charming setting of Alik Garden, an open-air cinema will be set up, with seating for outdoor use provided by various companies. In addition to dreamy images of terraces, gardens, and pools, the FX Barcelona ArchViz School, a school specializing in cinema and animation that offers a master’s degree in architectural visualization, has created a collage of the most beautiful outdoor scenes in cinema history. Professional training is increasingly in the spotlight for industry companies, which seek professionals of this caliber and support their growth and development, including initiatives like the International 3D Awards, the first global 3D creation competition for artists and creatives, promoted by Gandia Blasco Group in collaboration with the Bo Models platform. The winning projects selected from over 90 candidates representing 20 countries will be showcased, all focused on the theme of biophilia.

Guests of the newly opened TRIBE, hotel at Milano Malpensa will delight in an experience shaped by a partnership with TERRASZA, born out of a shared ambition to foster a communal space with a strong emphasis on design. The hotel boasts a central social hub, a terrace with a swimming pool, and an outdoor green area adorned with furniture from renowned outdoor brands. This collaboration ensures that, during Design Week, a seamless link is created between the city center and the new hotel, located at Milan’s most crucial hub, signifying TRIBE brand’s debut in Italy.

The outdoor cinema will be the highlight of a week dedicated to shared enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors, creating a connection point where nature, design, and art intersect, as seen in the SOLI series’ floral photographs by Francesca Romano This event aims to provide a counterpoint to a network of showrooms and garden centers throughout the city, (also available on Google Maps) all pinpointed on a map created by Ángela Léon. The illustrator has encapsulated TERRASZA’s entire visual theme, embodying not just a place for relaxation in balconies or gardens but also a corner for work, in sync with the natural environment. It visualizes outdoor areas, public squares, and streets as spaces where people congregate, reflecting on the society that thrives in what is termed the ‘sunny interior’ a communal, dynamic sphere of energy. This aligns with “Materia Natura,” the theme of Fuorisalone 2024.


De’Longhi, a partner embodying sustainability, will offer a unique coffee experience throughout the week with its new Rivelia machines. These machines, designed to brew fresh coffee from freshly ground beans, facilitate easy switching between coffee varieties, elevating the home bar experience.

Throughout the week at the venue, guests can enjoy Maniva mineral water, the perfect companion for those committed to wellness through a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Additionally, at the event on April 17th, attendees will have the chance to sample Krombacher beer and Valdo Paradise Rosé Brut spumante, presented in its distinctive bottle adorned with a unique design of flowers, plants, animals, and elements of Italian art by New York designer Ceci Johnson. This design quintessentially captures the essence of TERRASZA.

The evening is orchestrated in partnership with the international German design institution iF International Forum Design GmbH from Hannover. Renowned for its iF DESIGN AWARD, given annually since 1954, iF is a globally acknowledged symbol of outstanding design. Milan has been selected for the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2024, one of the most prestigious accolades for design students globally. The victors will be honored in June 2024 at the Triennale di Milano.

Through its events and digital presence, our platform aims to create synergies and exchanges that promote dialogue and reflection on topics surrounding ecology, lifestyle, and creative challenges from a transdisciplinary viewpoint,” emphasizes Guendalina Perelli, founder of TERRASZA. This forward-thinking approach intends to elevate outdoor design to a new conceptual and market category, showcasing the wide range of entities involved in the global outdoor living sector. From furniture to lighting, carpets to decorative accessories, materials to pots and plants, TERRASZA EVENTS‘s mission is to integrate the best in design and production within this sector into a unique, exclusive platform.


  • Benkert Bänke, a distinguished German brand renowned for its high-quality, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing urban furniture, has been committed to excellence for over three decades. It will showcase its award-winning designs, including the Chalidor 800, a masterpiece by Antonio Mastrorilli, founder of Gibillero Design. This piece, in particular, has received multiple accolades, reflecting the brand’s dedication to innovation and design excellence in urban furnishings.
  • Bover, a Catalan company dedicated to enhancing people’s quality of life through space and light, will illuminate the garden with its suspension lamps: Nans, designed by Joana Bover, and Garota and Elipse, both designed by Alex Fernández Camps and Gonzalo Milà.
  • Ca\Stil, an esteemed Italian brand known for its minimalist and contemporary design ethos, focuses on crafting metal furniture suited for both contract and residential settings. Making its debut at Fuorisalone, Ca\Stil will present six of its flagship collections, embodying the company’s rich history and commitment to excellence. These collections, developed in collaboration with international designers, stand as a testament to Ca\Stil’s dedication to innovative design and quality craftsmanship, marking the brand’s prominence in the furniture industry.
  • Carola fra i Trulli, a niche brand of home fragrances and decorative objects, conceived and designed by Milanese architect Carola Altamura, introduces “La Casa Incantata,” the first lifestyle collection where ambient fragrance sets the stage. Available in eight captivating Mediterranean botanical scents, this collection introduces unique olfactive objects and exclusive textile inserts, blending innovation with tradition.
  • Gandia Blasco Group, a Mediterranean entity boasting an 82-year heritage, originally commenced as a manufacturer of yarns and blankets. Its journey has been characterized by ceaseless reinvention from the 80s to contemporary rugs, outdoor furniture & spaces, and a commitment to fostering a culture of design. The company is featured in the TERRASZA cinema with the aluminum chair, infinitely recyclable, Tuba by Diabla, which represents the first collaboration between the company and designer Samuel Wilkinson.
  • Lorelux, an innovative Apulian brand recognized for creating the first urban street lamps from recycled and infinitely recyclable plastic, resistant to shocks and adverse weather, and a nominee for the Compasso d’Oro 2024, unveils Cloche. This inaugural piece from the Contemporary Collection, under the artistic direction of acclaimed architect Raffaella Mangiarotti and designed by Milanese industrial designer Alessandro Stabile, marks a milestone in sustainable urban design.
  • Magis, renowned as the “artists’ factory” and a beacon of Italian design since 1976, specializes in timeless furniture and seating made from durable and recyclable materials. The brand highlights the Air-Chair, originally designed by Jasper Morrison in 1999. In 2023, this iconic chair saw a new iteration, crafted entirely from 100% post-consumer plastic derived from recycled poly-bonded and disposable food packaging. Also featured in their collection are Plato by Jasper Morrison, alongside Milà by Jaime Hayón, and Chair_One by Konstantin Grcic.
  • Musola, a Spanish brand dedicated to producing outdoor furniture for everyday living, is proud to announce the Red Dot Award victory for its Baga chair. This chair features a backrest made of rope with simple yet robust knots, offering comfortable and durable support. Also highlighted is the award-winning Canasta chair, designed by Yonoh Studio, recipient of the iF Design Awards 2021.
  • Novara Outdoor Kitchens brings its minimalist, customizable, practical, and durable outdoor kitchens to Barcelona, utilizing the exclusive Q-XTREM® technology, which is specially designed for nautical environments. These kitchens, ideal for discerning customers looking for furniture that can withstand seafront conditions, boast large worktops, high-quality appliances, and intelligent storage solutions for sophisticated outdoor culinary experiences.
  • Plust, established in 2006 as a part of euro3plast Spa—a leader in manufacturing Made in Italy plastic vases and objects—unveils the Boom collection by designer Marco Gregori. This collection combines the geometric perfection of the circle with exceptional seating comfort, highlighting the innovative use of plastic in outdoor furniture design.
  • Vajillas de Ultramar introduces ‘La Vajilla’ through an artistic installation, a remarkable collection that merges the unique vision of renowned fashion designer Josep Font with the craftsmanship of the Madrid-based pottery atelier founded by Maria José Diez and Natalia López. This ‘overseas tableware’, blending art, haute couture, and ceramics, features designs incorporating fresh or dried flowers and plant elements in bows or decorations that mimic knotted fabrics, specially designed to hold them.
  • Viscio Urban Design, a leader for over three decades in designing and producing street furniture with local reconstituted stone from Apricena (FG), reveals its latest innovation: the RecycALL photoluminescent bollards. Created by Alessandro Canepa, Tiziana Di Sipio, and Sara Priore, these bollards, which also function as seats, have been recognized by the ADI Design Index 2023 and are nominees for the Compasso d’Oro 2024. They promote the recycling of zero-kilometer inert materials, reduce production and sales costs, provide “zero-cost” illumination, cut CO2 emissions, and offer a fully customizable product to enhance any urban space.


TERRASZA is a pioneering phygital platform focused on Exterior Design, aspiring to redefine “exteriorism” as a distinguished category of thought and market globally. With an emphasis on ecology, innovative materials, and cutting-edge innovation, it positions itself as an essential event for anyone engaged in the realm of exterior design and the pursuit of sustainable alternative ecologies.


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