The ADI Awards bring together the Delta Industrial Design Awards for professionals and companies, the ADI Medals for students, and the ADI Culture Awards for projects that highlight the value of design culture.

The registration period for the ADI Awards 2024, organized by the ADI-FAD Industrial Design Association, ends on January 19, 2024. ADI Awards 2024 is a name that brings together three recognitions in different fields of industrial design.

The 42nd edition of the Delta Awards for professionals and companies. The main driving force behind ADI-FAD’s activities is the Delta Awards, awarded biennially in recognition of the work of industrial designers and production companies. Since its first edition in 1961, the Delta Awards have been an important promotional channel for the country designers and companies and a valuable platform for public recognition.

The 30th edition of the ADI Medals for product design students, awarded since 1976. With the collaboration of the Banc Sabadell Foundation, ADI-FAD invites young designers recently trained in Spanish educational centers to present their final degree, master, or postgraduate projects. ADI Medals help to build bridges between the academic and industrial worlds. It is an award with a long tradition in the Spanish design scene that promotes the talent of the younger generations.

The 5th edition of the ADI Culture Award aims to promote the public recognition of those projects that value design culture and help promote and update social and conceptual product design or encourage dialogue, ideas, and activity in the discipline. Since 2016, the ADI Culture Awards have focused on projects whose result is in the theoretical, no-object framework, which generates impact, criticism, and dissemination in the field of design: publications, exhibitions, cycles and congresses, physical spaces (galleries, shops), virtual spaces, websites, blogs, applications, teaching programs, filming and all those concepts yet to be explored. Also, projects with a solid conceptual and innovative aspect are experimental, interdisciplinary processes, installations, unique pieces or numbered series, objects outside the standard commercial circuits, or those that help recover or open up new avenues in product design.

Every year more than 400 new products and projects are submitted to the ADI Awards. Companies, designers, engineers, entities, students, and educational centers from all over the state participate in the ADI Awards based on their criteria and appreciate their great value, especially as a consolidated communication tool, a symbol of excellence and innovation in design.

The three juries will be formed by professionals like Raffaella Mangiarotti, Massimo Menichinelli, or Pilar Marcos, among others. The jury’s verdict and the awards presentation will take place on 13 June 2024, at a ceremony held at Design Hub in Barcelona.


A new category is presented at the Delta Awards: Materials and construction elements, which include new ceramic, plastic or metal materials, laminates, parquet, etc., as well as construction elements including enclosures, hinges or fittings, mechanisms or distribution systems for conduits or wiring, both for domestic and industrial use.

This year, in addition, the ADI Culture Awards are divided into two categories: Events, which include exhibitions, cycles, congresses, actions, visual installations, or workshops, and Publications, which include books, essays, theses, web pages, blogs, or applications.

All products selected by the Delta Awards’ Expert Committee that make it through to the second phase will automatically qualify for the iF Design Awards 2025 shortlist, as Finalist iF Design Award, with no initial entry fee.


Since its inception, the design of the Delta Awards trophy has changed with each edition. The commission goes to a member who interprets the award and the logo of the prizes. This year, Lúcid will be in charge of the design.

On the other hand, the winner of the ADI Gold Medal in the previous edition designs the Medals. In this case, Ariadna Sala Nadal, ex aequo winner in 2020.

Those who wish to have the results of their projects reviewed by international and national design experts must register their work online at