The Private Wellness Company is part of the beach club’s programme of collaborations and events for the 2023 summer season, offering exclusive guests an oasis of contemporary wellness.

Summer 2023 will be remembered for fashionably ‘dressed’ beach clubs! Prestigious collaborations between the chicest brands and the most sought-after lidos make people dream. Among them also GESSI, among the partners of Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda, in the beautiful bay of Cala Petra Ruja in Sardinia, not far from Porto Cervo.

The Sardinian beach club of Nikki Beach Global, the international hospitality and luxury lifestyle brand, welcomes its exclusive guests with renovated bathrooms and showers by the sustainable, award-winning interior design brand GESSI.

The innovative ORIGINI collection involves the harmonious combination of shapes, colours, materials and finishes and offers the freedom to design the most intimate living space according to the personality of the person living it. With the help of a renowned colour designer, the brand translated the characteristics into colours and presented five triads, each associated with a personality.

Designed for contemporary well-being, the NATURE (Agave/Brushed Black Metal/Chrome) triad was chosen, reflecting the colour portrait of those who are regenerated by contact with nature. Evocative of the sea waters of the Costa Smeralda, the particular shade of green takes on a symbolic meaning to open horizons and move the bathroom outdoors.

The countertop washbasin in Cristalplant® with a soft touch effect takes up the iconic round shape of the collection, which is repeated in the knob insert created ad hoc with the double GESSI/Nikki Beach logo and a golden floral design, underlining the high level of customisation that GESSI is able to guarantee. Personalised details that do not go unnoticed and give a glamorous touch to the environment.

Every summer we try to offer our guests at Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda new experiences and this year we can’t wait to show them the exciting collaboration with GESSI,” said Jon Staffas, General Manager of Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda. “The collaboration further elevates the beach club experience and provides additional aesthetic enhancement.”

Nikki Beach Costa Smeralda is a unique venue, accessible only by private yacht or free shuttle service. Boats arrive at the beach club’s private pier, allowing passengers direct access to the exclusive facility. Across the beach is the restaurant, where guests can enjoy a menu of fresh seafood dishes and signature cocktails. Each table offers a spectacular view of the calm sea, sand dunes and Mediterranean scrub along the coast.