Charisma and fun for a sushi restaurant and cocktail bar in Rome with a dreamy atmosphere that draws inspiration from the tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, to create an experience with a strong emotional impact

The new sushi restaurant and cocktail bar Tako in Rome is a project created by the interior design studio COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO that invites you to dream: arches and niches, furnishings wrapped in reflective and vibrant surfaces welcome customers in a harmonious and playfully provocative environment. A kaleidoscopic tunnel of colored arches with lines of light that multiply to infinity a perspective chased down towards the magical world of Alice, in which everything arouses amazement: the walls are wrapped in pink and white wallpaper with dynamic geometry, while macro decor elements such as butterflies, flowers, rabbits and lollipops define a pop identity, in a careful and calibrated staging of colors and shapes.

Opened in the year of the rabbit, a symbol of luck, prosperity, and creativity, Tako draws inspiration from the tale Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, to create an experience with a strong emotional impact, at the same time charismatic and carefree; multifaceted, and dreamlike, it is a colorful dream played out in macro-proportions.

Butterflies, flowers, lollipops, and rabbits populate an environment where food and design blend together to bring to life an emotional, timeless, and ageless experience that remains imprinted in the memory of its guests.

“I dreamed of creating a place where you can feel free to express yourself to detach yourself from the concreteness of everyday life, to enter a fairy tale, a magical and extravagant environment in which people of all ages can travel with their imagination. When you enter Tako you are captivated by the colors, the lights, the details, everything is emotion and amazement,” says Daniela Colli, at the helm of the COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO studio.

A place with an irreverent and unconventional soul, which invites you to make your own playful and dreamlike dimension of life. Tako has an eclectic and visionary atmosphere, played on the edge of fun, located in the heart of Ostiense, a Roman neighborhood with a strong industrial identity, once dominated by an electrical power plant, a river port, and a gasometer, today among the most interesting places for lovers of street art and underground culture, frequented by university students and international tourists in search of gourmet dining experiences.

The project is revealed on two levels. The ground floor, which has eight large windows overlooking Via Ostiense, houses a space with 160 seats, the kitchen, and the cocktail bar, where customers are welcomed, dominated by a monolithic mirrored cylinder and an L-shaped counter with a black absolute marble top, covered in magenta press-bent metal while a macro circular bottle holder with polished steel details stands out against a background of iridescent pink glass, creating a dreamy atmosphere. The sushi bar, with its large portholes, wrapped in a fluid enameled surface that recalls the movement of water, constitutes the connecting element between the two areas of which the venue is composed.

On the right is the main space of the restaurant, a fluid environment where mirrored surfaces and metal coverings flutter above the floor with large black and white fragments. It is characterized by a variety of seats and tables and conceived according to the color block principle with pink, magenta, cyan, and Klein blue colors.

A fluid space that culminates in a backdrop of tapered arches in relief, emphasized by lines of light that enclose semicircular niches dressed with mirrors, sofas, and tables in total magenta. Luminous pearls, like bubbles floating in the air, create a suspended and light atmosphere, emphasized by the multiplication of reflections on the mirrored surfaces and metal coverings.

On the other side, to the left of the sushi bar, there is a more intimate area, which offers macro sofas, armchairs, and tables playing in delicate shades of pink, which stand out against metal walls with decorative micro butterflies. A pink lacquered arch with bold proportions marks the passage between the two floors used for various functions; a staircase leads to the basement which houses the customer services and technical areas.


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