In 2021, the interior and product designer Federico Peri, who actively collaborates with international design galleries, presents two new projects for Purho and Wall and Deco.

Federico Peri, born in 1983 in the province of Treviso, began his interior design studies at IED in Milan and then moved to Paris. For Peri, this is a period full of international influences and design stimuli, in which he defines his own interest as a synergy between historical and contemporary. In 2011 Federico Peri returned to Milan and set up his own studio where he mainly deals with interior design and furniture, collaborating with companies, fashion brands, professionals and individuals.

Federico Peri

In 2021 he presents two new projects for Purho and Wall and Deco.

For Purho – a new company protagonist of the made in Italy design founded in 2012 by Andrea Dotto, CEO of the brand – Federico Peri had already created the Incisioni collection, characterized by a contemporary reinterpretation of typical elements of the Murano tradition such as colour, murrina and engravings. The first series of products appeared on the market for the first time in 2020. The collection is ductile, fresh, elegant and plays on contrasts of colour, finishes, form and function.

Haute lamp by Purho

Today, Incisioni Collection is enriched with two new table lights, Haute and Petite, in which contemporary shapes and colors̀ gracefully reinterpret the tradition of Murano glass. They are made in two sizes: the taller Haute is a rechargeable light, and the smaller Petite is a wired light.

Fedrico Peri for Purho

The two new lamps insist on the research started by Peri around the theme of glass engraving. Ribbons, pleats, millerighe excavations cover the surfaces of these two lamps, refining their cylindrical shape and giving life to three different models: Silk, characterized by a ribbon that culminates in the slightly concave upper surface, Doll, composed of a smooth half and a half-covered by thick knurling, and Stripe, covered by thick horizontal stripes. The collection is made even more precious by the three chosen colours: crystal, smoked, rosé.

Petit lamp by Purho

The collaboration with Purho is a classic example of how crucial it is for a designer to be able to listen to and learn from the company and the artisans. Glass is a material that is as fascinating as it is complex but, at the same time, it allows an infinite possibilitỳ of results given by the combinations of colour, shapes, rather than engravings. Playing with transparencies and textures is what I love most about glass” says Federico Peri.

In 2021 Federico Peri also dedicated time to the new Contemporary Wallpaper collection for Wall and Deco – a reality of reference in the production and marketing of custom-made wallpaper – a collection in which wallpaper becomes a leading protagonist of contemporary living.

Federico Peri designed three wallpapers with three different patterns:


The dualism between essentiality and materiality are the two main concepts of the Intrecci project. Intrecci is a composition of jute ropes, inspired by the traditional techniques of the master weavers. They are games of interweaving, overlapping and shadows that cover a cement surface generating continuous geometric compositions” says Federico Peri.

INTRECCI collection for Wall and Deco by Federico Peri


Zen is a project characterized by material and natural references, elements that remind us of a hemisphere connected with nature. It is the representation of full-height doors that open onto an imaginary garden; the resulting effect is a trompe l’oeil that amplifies the perception and depth of space within an environment as if we were in a Japanese tea house,” says Federico Peri.

ZEN collection for Wall and Deco by Federico Peri


Paint is an abstract project, a graphic sign on the wall made of gestures and oversized brush strokes. The decoration, apparently random and instinctive, appears as a superimposition of colours and shades tone on tone painted on a dark surface. It leaves an open and independent interpretation: at times it seems to observe a set of flower petals, other shoals of fish, leaving total freedom to the observer“.

PAINT collection for Wall and Deco by Federico Peri

One of Federico Peri’s first projects dates back to 2014, when he developed a concept of furnishings for Nilufar, observing and reworking the world of industrial furniture; objects usually used far from the “noble” environments of the house. These objects, through the use of precious materials and thanks to their handmade feeling (such as leather, brass, wood) adopt a new connotation. They become objects to exhibit and to live. These furnishings are mostly conceptual but with a well-defined functionality. They are not conceived for an industrialized serial production but, on the contrary, they give strength to a world of craftsmanship typical of Made in Italy.

Federico Peri, 2014 exhibition, photo Michela Sollini