The bookcase FLAP designed by Pepe Andreu for DAE was awarded yesterday November the 24th in Barcelona with Delta Silver (Interior Furniture category) ADI Awards 2020 organized by ADI-FAD Asociación de Diseño Industrial del FAD. Jury statement was “For its innovation in the storage of books in a small space, displaying its cover and not only its spine.”The shelf was designed to solve space, storage, and preservation of books. Books can be placed on the shelf in three different ways: hidden, displaying their spine or cover. This allows it to keep its aesthetic presence and creates a warm and decorative atmosphere even if it is empty.

Given its configuration of independent shelves directed both left and right, large books can also be stored in a piece of furniture with a total depth of 17cm.

The disposition of the different vertical slats helps the shelf establish a harmonic dialogue with the environment through the frontal or tangential light creating evocative lights, shadows, and chromatic variations. The bookshelf is assembled overlapping horizontal modules adjusting it to the size of the room or wall where it is mounted.

Flap by Pepe Andreu