Happy when it rains and start using Raintap

Due to climate change water became a problem in urban area’s because there is too much or too little. Collecting rainwater during rainy days and using it during dryer days helps. The Raintap by Floris Schoonderbeek is not like your regular rain barrel. So Raintap collects and activates water from the clouds and makes sure you can tap into its endless opportunities. The tap(s), foot pump and sink make it a clever water station and transform it from a rain barrel to a (hand)washing station, to a compact outdoor kitchen.

Let’s start using rainwater and stop wasting drinking water! The Raintap makes absorbing and retaining rainwater part of your daily routines in an easy and fun way.

You can easily adapt it to your needs, so water your plants, clean your boots, surf gear or garden tools. Wash your hands and give your freshly harvested produce a good rinse in the sink.

With the optional freshwatertap you always have fresh tapwater available as well. Making sure you never miss out! The Raintap can even be transformed to a mobile handwashing station at your shop, restaurant, festival or event. Flexible for every (public) location.

Your trash turned into tanks

The Raintap is designed and produced in The Netherlands – made from recycled plastic. Together with SUEZ Recycling & Recovery Netherlands, we transformed your daily trash into a timeless tool.

The Raintap is about reconnecting with water because water connects us all. Let’s take care” states the designer Floris Schoonderbeek. Floris searches, invents and designs new solutions for a more sustainable life. Solutions with a rich connection to, a great experience of, and a positive impact on our environment.

Behaviour-changing projects

As a designer, Floris feels the need to look for new habits and new products, for nature – inclusive and high-quality existence. For years Floris has been working with his studio in varying collaborations on behaviour-changing projects. He founded the successful product label Weltevree, helped to lay the foundation of sustainable mobility in the Netherlands and developed the innovative and sustainable Groundfridge.