Hook’D is a new design copper no-touch key made in Barcelona.

Since the start of Covid-19 pandemic, we are more aware that everything we touch can be susceptible to contagion. In our everyday life, it is almost impossible not to touch the doorknob, the elevator button or the touch screen of the bank, for example.

Hook’D is the ideal solution for today’s times and allows us to leave home feeling more secure.

Hook’d, the copper no-touch key by DesignOX

Elegant and functional, the Hook’D no-touch key is designed and manufactured in the national territory by DesignOX, a new e-commerce platform based in Barcelona, that designs and creates metal laser cutting products.

The collection consists of objects with an original design and includes customizable pieces with names or created by tour own desire.

Personalized metal creations by DesignOX

Hook’D is a pure copper – a material widely used in healthcare settings because, naturally, it facilitates the dispersal of viruses and bacteria – hook to press elevator buttons, bank touch screens and parking meters without ever touching those surfaces directly with your fingers. You can also open the doors without touching the handles and also push them.