For the second time, iF Design has published the iF Design Trend Report. Six megatrends and their influence on design: Connectivity, Silver Society, Health, Urbanization, Mobility, and Neo Ecology. On the occasion of iF Design’s 70th anniversary, the Trend Report can be downloaded free of charge for 70 days.

Connectivity, Silver Society, Health, Urbanization, Mobility, and Neo Ecology. iF Design, in cooperation with the Zukunftsinstitut Frankfurt, has selected six megatrends that have a particularly great influence on design.

For the second time, iF Design, as the organizer of the international design competition iF DESIGN AWARD -2023 edition will take place at the legendary Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin on Monday, 15 May, during the Berlin Design Week- has published a trend report.

The iF Design Trend Report 2023 is aimed at designers, in-house design teams, and product development teams worldwide. On more than 220 pages, the report explains the influence of social trends on design developments. It proves this influence by means of current statistics and puts them in relation to product and service performance.

For each trend that can be observed, there are numerous products and services that exemplify which strategies and solution approaches are decisive for today’s challenges.

The six megatrends impact all areas of society, often have an influence over many decades, and help to understand the changing needs of consumers. Megatrends also offer insights into new technologies, social changes, and cultural developments.


Thanks to digital technologies, we are now more connected than ever before. Now that the real and digital worlds are increasingly merging, a new innovation space is emerging for the design of hybrid living environments.

Silver Society

The manifold effects of demographic change towards an ageing society present us with enormous challenges – but also open up great opportunities for new sociocultural vitality.


The pandemic has changed our understanding of health from an individual endeavor to a task for society as a whole. Health is still a lifestyle component, but the focus is on designing an environment that can ensure the well-being of as many people as possible.


As hubs of the globalized world society, cities act as innovation workshops for social justice, innovative technologies, and new forms of coexistence.


The world of mobility is changing: digitalization, the energy transition, and new lifestyles are fuelling a wave of innovation that is giving rise to numerous new services and offerings. But it is not only the vehicles themselves that are adapting, the structures around them are also becoming adaptive, sustainable, and networked.

Neo Ecology

Whether it’s purchasing decisions, social morals, or corporate strategies: The sustainability paradigm is changing the behavior and perspectives of global society, culture, and politics – and is fundamentally realigning corporate action and the entire economic system.

The iF Design Trend Report 2023 includes:

•          Focus on the six important megatrends Connectivity, Silver Society, Health, Urbanization, Mobility, and Neo Ecology and their influence on design

•          Strategies and solutions for designers and companies

•          Interviews and insights from international design experts

•          Statistics and international best practice examples of products, projects, and services

•          Insights from the iF DESIGN AWARD 2023

The occasion for the 70-day free download is the 70th anniversary that the iF Design company is celebrating this year. Published by iF International Forum Design GmbH, the iF Design Trend Report 2023 can be downloaded until 20 July 2023 for free: