The pleasant surprise effect of Cridea outdoor furniture.

Cridea Armchair Maya

Conceived as versatile and easy to combine elements, the outdoor collections designed by Jorge Herrera for Cridea, are perfect for decorating gardens, terraces, areas dedicated to swimming pools and outdoor wellness, as well as for the beach.

Cridea Maya Collection

Nice colours and new geometric shapes, all the production is made in Italy in Cridea factory in Carate Brianza, in the North of Italy. The collections consist of different sofas, armchairs, pouffes, tables and modular accessories, characterized by fluid lines, rounded shapes and intense colours. But the company can also produce furniture with customized sizes, shapes and colours on requests and needs of the customers.

Cridea Sofa Chair Dial

Cridea’s furnishings contain recycled and recyclable flexible polyurethane foam that covers the muscles and skeleton of each individual piece. The particular material used makes every single piece soft to the touch, and able to return to its original shape after adapting to the figure that has sat on it.

Cridea Sunbed Comodo

The external covering is made on a special fabric invented by Cridea with closed pores. That’s why all the collections are waterproof, scratch-resistant, fireproof and resistant to the sun and salt, and is also resistant to cigarette burns. And at the same time so soft that it looks like leather.

Cridea Sofa Waterproof Hub

For this type of special coating, all Cridea pieces can be used indoors and outdoors. Soft furniture to be also suitable for the children’s room because it has no edges or parts rigid, as well as for the contract and hospitality sectors.

Cridea Sunbed Comodo

The finishes and the processing of the various colours of the upholstery, which can be plain, with contrasting coloured pigments or marble and stone effect, two-tone patterns with small contrasting polka dots, are all handmade.

Cridea Low Table Rustle

This is why there can be small differences from one piece of furniture to another, due to the originality and craftsmanship of every single piece. Cridea also offers a customization service about all its products in the finishes, custom made textures and colours based on the needs and requests of the customer.

Cridea Sofa Armchair Pixel

As creative director, Jorge Herrera says “Cridea’s pieces create emotions. The 27 colours we have chosen are captivating and thrill with their bold palettes. The inspiration came by bright skies and the shades of colours of some of the most evocative places on the planet. For us, beauty is in small gestures. This is why we have created a matte finish for each piece of furniture and complement, which anticipates the softness of the touch, creating a pleasant surprise effect.

Cridea Sofa B Side