With his monumental public projects, canvases embroidered with beads and sequins and wearable sculptures exhibited in high-impact performances, the Argentinian artist Daniel González (1963) investigates celebratory rites and the boundaries between socio-cultural categories.González, whose works are usually presented in art galleries, museums, festivals and fairs worldwide, and which are held in several private collections, creates irrational and energetic worlds, areas of freedom in which existing conventions collapse. “I’m fascinated by processes that go beyond the ‘sanctification’ of objects and their meanings rather than considering their functions in everyday life. I think perception is about changing, shifting and redefining the relationship between the person and his/her living space as an environment. Every time I am faced with a work of architecture or a spatial installation, I have to consider the needs, the functions and the story of that place as an environment, as a whole” stated Daniel González.González makes his art submit to ordinary life: his artworks can be used, like the flower pots conceived as pop packaging with hand-sewn sequins on canvas or his 3D wallpaper and collages in Mylar. Daniel González takes the collage technique a step further in order to create wonder within the living space, like ephemeral works of design, to celebrate every moment of our lives, pondering through their dazzle handmade minimalist compositions.Daniel González lives and works between Verona (Italy) and New York (USA). In 2004 in Berlin he launched the fashion-brand D.G. Clothes Project, as an artist-run fashion project for the production of unique pieces to collect or to wear. Through this label, González takes art to ordinary people to investigate the limits between the Self and the Exterior Appearance of individuals, through a one-on-one relationship, beyond the concepts of fashion, trend and trademark.