Founded in 2013 by Sara Peluso and Martina Caiazzo, with years of experience in the world of design, as a design studio and laboratory of colours, materials and trend research, MONOMIO since 2015 has focused on research becoming an influent platform of inspiration for designers and art enthusiast in the world, being a partner of many design-related initiatives such as Isola Design District in Milan and EDIT Napoli. In July 2020 MONOMIO launched its multi-seller and multi-category marketplace to research, promote and create unique products in collaboration with contemporary Italian and international designers and craftsmen. Last October, MONOMIO participated as Retail Partner to the second edition of EDIT Napoli in the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore in Naples with a dedicated space and layout.

Lady Afrodite, soy wax candle created by Hot&Vintage

Now, MONOMIO opens its digital design boutique with a first selection of over 70 products including special editions made in collaboration with more than 20 international designers, one-of-a-kind objects and limited edition products. A digital design boutique targeted to a young and passionate public, attentive to aesthetic and quality research and to the continuous search for accessories and complements that make their living spaces and environments unique and original.

Limited Edition of diaries 2021 Amaretti x MONOMIO

The holiday season is coming and MONOMIO curated a selection of unique objects and limited editions which are created in collaboration with designers, illustrators and artists. All the objects have one common denominator: uniqueness and exclusivity of the products. The selection includes multiple varieties of products with several functionalities: from the Limited Edition of diaries 2021 Amaretti x MONOMIO which are handcrafted with recycled high-quality paper, to Limited Edition silkscreen prints signed and numbered by the illustrator Enrica Masi but also a collection of five one-of-a-kind sculptures created by the English artist Vic Wright exclusively for MONOMIO.

Sculpture by Vic Wright exclusively for MONOMIO

The offer includes unique and handmade objects, sculptures, ceramics, but also carpets, candles, stationery, silk-screen printing and other furnishing accessories. The collections proposed by MONOMIO go beyond the idea of globalization and mass production and focus on the uniqueness of handmade objects, environmentally conscious and limited series of pieces produced on request. The continuous aesthetic, material and functional research of the founders of MONOMIO aims to support contemporary designers and craftsmen, but above all to restore the value of time for production, the history behind every creation and therefore to the intrinsic quality of the products; for this reason, all the objects and collections have been designed to last over time and go beyond trends and seasonality.

Sculptural Series Gold N.20/4 is one-of-a-kind porcelain and gold vessel designed by Laura Itkonen

MONOMIO platform continues to be an extraordinary source of inspiration and research; an innovative and unique reality in Italy thanks to the meticulous selection of products and the continuous collaboration with contemporary designers and craftsmen who create special products that can only be found exclusively in the shop.

Ceramic set designed by Mud is Mood

ATRIA, square-shaped pillowcase designed by Santa Living