Until the end of May, Giopato&Coombes gallery, via San Maurilio 19 in Milan, hosts A Lunar Daydream exhibition

From 20th January 2022, the Giopato&Coombes gallery, via San Maurilio 19 in Milan hosts A Lunar Daydream, an exhibition embracing ethereal suggestions of the brand founded by Cristiana Giopato and Christopher Coombes.

Lunar talismans echo a still, crystallized landscape, as the time that stops in a winter morning dawn.

A Lunar Daydream focuses on the Moonstone collection of pendant lamps inspired by organic rock sculptures. Digitally launched before and presented today inside a suggestive setting.

As in the words of Cristiana and Christopher: “Our imagination travelled to an uncontaminated planet of rocky landscapes, swept by powerful winds. On a black canvas of outer space, a lunar panorama of dust, craters and rocks responded to the wind’s motion. We were surrounded by energy and movement: sand whizzing around us, rocks rolling on the moon’s surface. Chunks of brass, crystal and dust left the ground, twirling amongst us in a creative frenzy. Only then did we realize that our fantasy was generating shapes out of moonstone, envisioning surreal lamps cast out of the purest and perfect ‘lunar’ materials deriving from our worldly experience.”

The designers worked directly on the physicality of the material itself, patiently unveiling the shape outline in the heart of the material. They carved Moonstone out of strong, handmade fibreglass, infused with marble powder to create a composite stone-like material protecting its surface, and of ‘battuto’ Murano glass or linen glazed diffusers, depending on its size.

The lamps emit a soft, down-streaming light flow, whilst their opaque, faceted silhouettes become sculptural when teased by rays of light. As a voice of the daydream shaped into sculpted spaces, Moonstone evokes moonlight poetry in our daily life.

Until the end of May, from Monday to Friday (10am – 1pm / 2pm -7pm) and Saturday (10am – 6pm).

ph_Nathalie Krag