The new feline friend of The Pet Lights by Moooi is the perfect companion for the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

After a penguin, a rabbit, and an owl, arrives the tiger! The new feline friend is the perfect companion for the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

The Pet Lights by Moooi, designed by Marcel Wanders studio since 2018, was a flashy band of three, Uhuh, Noot Noot, and Purr. With Grwoww -may sound scary but don’t let the tough name fool you- a lively little bunch is now a group of four!

The Pet Light family by Moooi

A furry, feathered, or even scaled companion that amuses us is a comforting presence. It’s widely known that pets are often the lights of our lives. That feeling of playfulness and joy is exactly what Marcel Wanders studio would like to recreate with the Pet Light family. The Pet Lights, Uhuh, Noot Noot, Purr, and Grwoww, are a group of animal friends shaped as table lamps. They are all rounded, endearing and elegant.

Pet Light Grwoww by Moooi

Pet Light has its own characteristics that serve the group. Cheeky little Purr is always up to no good, but its bunny heart is in the right place. Luckily, wise Uhuh is there. This little owl can keep Purr from being too rowdy, although this big-eyed pet has a fun-loving streak, too. Overseeing everything is Noot Noot. Being the tallest has its advantages, and this stoic penguin looks out for everyone, including their new friend Grwoww. This tiny tiger is the most tough-looking, but secretly the biggest sweetheart of all.

Pet Light Grwoww by Moooi, detail

Gold plated ceramic details bring the animals to life, accessorising them with precious jewels that complement their frosted glass features. The Pet Lights emit a heart-warming glow you can dim to match the hour of the day.

Pet Light Grwoww by Moooi, detail

Grwoww is available worldwide from 1 February at Moooi stores,, and Moooi dealers.