Playing with The Motleys celebrates the culture of humanity

Created by London based design studio Bright Potato, The Motleys are a collection of characters representing the variety of human cultures; they celebrate diversity and promote respect between all people. As The Motleys are a celebration of the culture of humanity, it was obvious to us right from the beginning that to do this we couldn’t ignore the inseparable link between humanity and the environment we all inhabit.From the spiked hair of the Punk to the pointy hat of the General, the full collection of 20 individual characters are sustainable and beautifully designed with gorgeous details that give a unique personality to each one.These cute characters are not only environmentally sustainable because they are made completely from solid hardwood and with renewable and recyclable packaging, but for each Motley sold the creators Bright Potato will plant 5 trees to offset the material and resources used to produce each one. So far, they have planted more than 1350 trees!The cleverly designed collection uses magnets to connect the pieces of each character, bringing endless fun to each in assembling and disassembling, but also offers even more fun when exchanging different parts from completely different characters.

The development of the Motleys requires a design process that sensitively respects and interrupts the real-world cultural context of each character. The secret lies in extracting and highlighting the most prominent features, creating a persona that is both affectionately charming and instantly recognisable.Proving their credibility, the Motleys are already popping up in giftshops of some of the biggest museums in the world, from London’s Design Museum and Madrid’s Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, among numerous high street retail shops.